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Yep, I think I’m done supporting Quentin Tarantino… another celebrity libtard…

I think I’m officially done supporting Quentin Tarantino and his movies. Used to love his work but I’m done supporting him too. He’s just another Hollywood libtard like the rest of ’em. Him calling cops “murderers” is just insane and totally wrong. That’s the sad part of what’s going on in America right now. America made it okay to hate and disrespect cops. Libtard America wants to see our police as the “enemy” thanks to loudmouth Barack with his “If I had a son” speech that started it all.

By the way, Tarantino is not really telling the truth about what happened to Michael Brown and Freddie Gray.

Read this:


Tarantino is just another libtard jackass trying to make Michael Brown and Freddie Gray look innocent.

I’m sure other libtards in America are applauding Quentin for this, though. I think I’m gonna boycott “The Hateful Eight” too.

It’s kind of funny how Quentin would support the “Black Lives Matter” movement when his movies use the N word throughout most of it especially “Django Unchained” and there’s a scene in “Pulp Fiction” where a black man gets raped by a guy in a gimp suit. This is a guy who supports gun control and he has guns all over his movies. Yeah, so fuck him. I think I’ll stop watching his movies for good.


Video: CJ Pearson “#ThugsDontMatter”… oh man, this is one of his best videos!!!

Uh oh…. I think CJ Pearson here is gonna set a firestorm with liberals and the MSM with this one. Out of all the videos he has in his channel this is his best one.

This is what we’ve been trying to tell liberals all along that all those thugs: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, etc. aren’t innocent at all and never were. There’s tons of evidence proving it but of course “Black Lives Matter” activists and liberals will always deny no matter what kind of proof is shown.

It’s a real shame that Al Sharpton and the Obama admin. wants to make them look like poor innocent kids who didn’t deserve it. Wake up, America. It’s how they are trying to divide the country and start a war against cops. It’s how they politicize gun control.

Get out of your fucking delusions for once and look at reality.

Black lives matter, hey? There are black on black crime everyday in America but nobody seems to give a damn about that.

I’m tired of the leftist hashtags. When will we ever get hashtags that will show American patriotism like: #WakeUpAmerica, #ImprisonObama, #Trump2016, etc. You get the deal but instead we get bullshit like, #BlackLivesMatter, #BringBackOurGirls, #LoveWins, etc. *sigh*


There IS a “peaceful” protest in downtown Baltimore but mainstream media only reports violence @ arrests…

The mainstream media is trying all they can to shove the violence, rioting and looting in our faces in Baltimore through the mainstream media but if you wanna know what a real “peaceful” protest looks like, here you go…


Over 10,000 people “peacefully” protest for Freddie Gray which is HOW it should be done… yet, liberal media is totally ignoring it and all they show is violence, destruction and arrests of blacks in Baltimore. Not only blacks are “peacefully” protesting in downtown Baltimore, you can see “white” people joining in on the peaceful protesting but you don’t see this anywhere on the news do ya? Maybe this is why the media is ignoring the “peaceful” protest???

Well, the main reason why the mainstream media is ignoring the “peaceful” protest and they just focus on the violence & arrests instead ’cause they are desperate for ratings & money. Period. End of story. That’s all the media cares about. All they do is brainwash us. They only show you what they want you to see, that’s it.

Don’t trust the media, folks. Stop watching the news.


Is Baltimore pretty much Benghazi all over again???

At the Benghazi compound on Sept. 11th, 2012… there was all kinds of violence, fire, explosions and gun fire going on by Muslim fanatics. Military was given the stand down order and help never came. The same thing is happening right now in Baltimore. All kinds of violence… police given the stand down order and was told not to help so the violence keeps going. De ja vu? Sounds familiar doesn’t it? We aren’t getting answers from the Baltimore riots just like we aren’t getting answers from the Benghazi attacks.

I wonder if the Obama administration will get all “political” over it. Will they blame the Baltimore riots on some offensive video? Will they cover their tracks and lie about everything? HA!

This does remind you of Benghazi all the way. Baltimore police given the stand down order and they won’t let you know who gave it. See a pattern here, folks?


What’s going on in Baltimore are not protests, they are “riots”…


I am noticing that most of the mainstream news media are refusing to call what’s going on in Baltimore “riots” but instead, they are calling it “protests”. Especially CNN. The things going on in Baltimore is called, rioting. Look at the photo above that shows you the difference between “protesting” and “rioting”.

“Protesting” is a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something.

“Rioting” is to take part in a violent public disturbance.

What’s going on in Baltimore is not “protesting”. Protesting is something that is supposed to be peaceful like marching down the streets, singing songs and holding up signs… things like that. Do you see that in Baltimore? No.

The only reason that the media is calling this “protesting” ’cause they are obviously protecting the black community. They are also protecting themselves ’cause if they called these things “riots”, the race card would get played since it’s mostly black people taking part of these riots in Baltimore. If the media called it “riots”, it could put their careers in jeopardy. They are also cowards for the most “part”, they are too afraid to called it “riots”.

Soon Obama’s America is gonna make it completely legal for blacks to commit all kinds of crime all they want to. Is that what’s going on in America now? Blacks getting a free pass to do bad things? That’s Obama’s goal and that’s what he wanted all along.


The Baltimore Riots is very sad and heartbreaking, shouldn’t have to happen at all…

I haven’t been following the Freddie Gray story but I read a little bit about it. It has something to do with Freddie Gray dying after a week of being arrested and the cops are being blamed for his death. Freddie Gray died over spinal chord injury or something like that? I read a little into Freddie Gray and didn’t find it a surprise to see that he was a drug dealer and a thug. Yep, here we go again. Here we go again, protesting another kid who is a thug but no surprise there at all.

Anyway, these things the protesting, rioting and looting shouldn’t have to happen. They all can be stopped but police aren’t doing anything to stop the riots in Baltimore.

You can blame all of this on Obama, Holder and Sharpton. I think their goal is that they want this to happen all over the United States so they can have “martial law”. This could happen in your city and your hometown.

It’s very sad to see all that going on in Baltimore. Black people committing acts of violence, vandalism and destruction in Baltimore and police do nothing about it. Very scary.

Obama should be charged and arrested for inciting these riots. It all started ’cause of Obama. Now that Loretta Lynch is the new Attorney General, race baiting is gonna get much worse.

God bless Baltimore and my heart goes out to the families of that city. Not only Obama should feel ashamed of himself… liberals should feel ashamed of themselves too ’cause they were a part of all this race baiting. I’ve seen some of the Baltimore riot videos and it’s worse than Ferguson.

Some liberals would say you shouldn’t shoot people unless they are armed?

Well, from what I read, Freddie Gray was armed with a knife. It was illegal in Maryland so the Baltimore police had their “right” to use all that force since it looks like Freddie was resisting and not cooperating with police. From what I saw on the arrest video, the police didn’t use guns this time. They carried him and dragged him from what I saw on the video in youtube. Then he died a week later. The death was an accident and they probably didn’t mean it. Maybe Freddie just had back problems and they didn’t know it?

All this protesting, rioting and looting shouldn’t have to happen. It’s happening ’cause Obama wants it to happen. This is part of Obama’s America, folks. That’s why Obama is not responding to the Baltimore riots. This is gonna happen everywhere.

And once again, white people get killed by cops all the time whether it was on purpose or by accident but you never see any media outrage.

I can’t wait to get Obama out of the White House and get a Republican president to stop all this bullshit.