There IS a “peaceful” protest in downtown Baltimore but mainstream media only reports violence @ arrests…

The mainstream media is trying all they can to shove the violence, rioting and looting in our faces in Baltimore through the mainstream media but if you wanna know what a real “peaceful” protest looks like, here you go…

Over 10,000 people “peacefully” protest for Freddie Gray which is HOW it should be done… yet, liberal media is totally ignoring it and all they show is violence, destruction and arrests of blacks in Baltimore. Not only blacks are “peacefully” protesting in downtown Baltimore, you can see “white” people joining in on the peaceful protesting but you don’t see this anywhere on the news do ya? Maybe this is why the media is ignoring the “peaceful” protest???

Well, the main reason why the mainstream media is ignoring the “peaceful” protest and they just focus on the violence & arrests instead ’cause they are desperate for ratings & money. Period. End of story. That’s all the media cares about. All they do is brainwash us. They only show you what they want you to see, that’s it.

Don’t trust the media, folks. Stop watching the news.


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