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Why won’t local media say who ran down Trooper Pratt? Protecting somebody?

Man, the local media is just as dishonest and untrustworthy as the national media. They won’t say who the driver was who ran down Trooper Pratt. Local media protecting somebody? I read a lot of articles about this and not one of them could say who hit this man and killed him. I wouldn’t be surprised that the driver who hit him was a black person and it’s probably no accident either.

It is sad news though and tragic. RIP Trooper Pratt. Respect the police and law enforcement, always! Police lives matter too!



It is shameful though how this country grew so much hatred toward our police…

Barack Obama made it okay for this country to go on hating our police. Which is what his intention was and it’s how he’s destroying America. Instead of the criminals being the suspicious ones, Obama wants to make it look like that the police are the suspicious ones instead and did a great job of it too. Instead of the criminal being in the wrong, the left wants to see the police being in the wrong each time they arrest somebody. I’m tired of it.

I see so much police hatred on facebook and social networking everyday… it’s just really sad, ya know? The police put their lives on the line just like the US Troops do. Sure… some police can be abusive and can use “excessive force” but not all cops are like that. This country wants to treat the entire police force like they are bad guys. Instead of treating terrorists like bad guys this country wants to treat the cops like they’re bad guys.

Each time a cop gets killed in the line of duty, liberals don’t care and cheer it on. More cops are getting murdered ’cause of this “Black Lives Matter” stuff as well.

Our police should be loved and respected ’cause they are the reason we’re still alive today.

Also, before you start calling Donald Trump a racist. Check out the photo above? Look who Trump is taking a selfie with? Yes, that’s right. He’s taking a selfie with a black police officer. I think Trump posted this photo so he can prove that he isn’t a racist. Drive those liberals and Trump haters crazy.

We do need to treat our police with respect. I respect our police and you should too. If you’re a police hater then chances are, you probably had some problems with them yourself in the past. Well, if you don’t want police giving you problems… have you ever thought about not breaking the law?


Spring Valley students wants Officer Ben Fields back, even they know he was justified!

The mainstream media will ignore all this ’cause they always make the cop look like the bad guy like usual. Officer Fields should not have been fired for it. I agree, reinstate his position as a police officer and bring him back. Fuck the media.



Cop helps black woman finish her 10k run… why isn’t this story all over the mainstream news???

How come you don’t see this story all over the mainstream liberal news? The mainstream media wants to treat the police in a negative way and finally we get a positive police story.

Read on, y’all…


Do you see that story on CNN, NBC, CBS, Washington Post, NY Times, etc.???

I bet the Obama administration and Al Sharpton are mad at People magazine for publishing that article.

Cops are good people and they can have heart. They are not evil as the media is making them out to be. We definitely need more positive stories like this!!!


A tweet by Dinesh D’ Souza worth re-sharing…

It really is sad what America have come to.

Yes, us conservatives know that violent cops can be a problem in America. We do know that police brutality and excessive force exists, we’re not denying that at all. However when there’s proof and all kinds of evidence out there that the black person was violent when confronted by police and there’s evidence that the police killed him out of self defense, America needs to learn that it’s okay to defend yourself regardless of your skin color.

Sadly, America has officially made the police look like violent bad guys. America have made the police look like power hungry animals and tough guys. Yes, the police CAN be power hungry animals and tough guys… some of them can be out of line but NOT ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

That’s the problem with the left. They can’t seem to think that all police officers are different. Some are good and some of them are bad. Some officers are great at their jobs and some are just horrible. Like I said before, the media and people like Obama, Sharpton, Holder have taught the liberal left to hate cops.

It’s just sickening. All of it. I’m sick of all the cop hating in social networking. I see too much anti-police posts in facebook and twitter everyday and people pointing their fingers at how bad the police are and I almost deactivated my facebook account ’cause of it all.

It’s real sad, ya know? What if you walk out in the street at night and you successfully defend yourself from some black dude trying to beat you up, you’ll be looked at as a racist and your life could get destroyed even if you saved yourself from getting killed. You could get media backlash and everyone around you will hate you. This is the new America we’re in. This is the new America that Obama made.


Dinesh D’ Souza calls out Obama and Holder on video…

Film maker and author, Dinesh D’ Souza, rants about Ferguson and as you can see, he’s not afraid to call out Holder and Obama on it.

Also, not only Obama and Holder are responsible for all this… all the dumbass libtards out there who joined in the cop hating bandwagon are responsible too. Obama and Holder taught liberals how to hate cops and all of this is really sad too. I know for a fact that liberals hate cops ’cause I see liberals making posts in facebook ripping into cops everyday. Liberals making hateful rants toward cops, posting articles about white cops shooting black people and posting a lot of articles on police brutality. They would also post a lot of memes disrespecting cops. It’s all a shame. I hate all of this going on. Liberals made “cop hating” okay.

I think there is a reason that Obama and Holder started all of this ’cause it’s just Obama’s way of declaring “martial law” as a way for him to continue his presidency after 2016. Remember in order to declare martial law either “civil unrest” or a war must be going on in order to continue his presidency and cancel elections. Well, this Ferguson stuff is “civil unrest” and it will go on for a long time so Obama can still be president after 2016. I think that is why all of this protesting and rioting was started.

Give it time. Soon it will be completely legal to kill cops.


*sigh* Here we go again… Police shoots and kills 18 year old armed man near Ferguson…

Police officers should be heroes for this kind of stuff. Not evil monsters. If you pull a gun, try to charge after the officer or resist arrest… chances are you’re getting wind up getting yourself killed. That’s what cops are supposed to do. Even if this young 18 year old black man was “armed” this time… still though, the media and libtards in America will try to paint this guy as a sweet little innocent child who didn’t deserve it. Ignorant people will still claim excessive force no matter how dangerous and evil these young little black thugs are. The best argument that the libtards and the black community can come up with is that instead of using guns to stop black criminals, why not shoot them in the leg or use a taser instead?


Wait for it… soon the White House are gonna take guns away from police officers and they will only be allowed to use taser guns. Their lives will be in even more danger.

I hate how this country is so divided. This is Obama’s America. You wanted change? Well, you fucking got it. Congratulations.This is part of the hope and change that Obama visioned.


Thank you, Jon Bon Jovi!!!

I was never a fan of Jon Bon Jovi but I am now.


Respect our law enforcement. I know I do. It’s real sad that libtards in America have to put cops to shame for doing their jobs and doing what they’re supposed to do… protect us. Don’t be a cop hater. If you’re a cop hater then you must be uneducated or have a criminal past yourself.


The 2 officers getting killed was because of the three race baiters Obama, Sharpton and Jackson…

Police officers in America are supposed to protect us and because of the three race baiters Obama, Sharpton & Jackson the police officers in America lives are in danger because of them. Those three douchebags started this whole race war over Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and now Eric Garner.

How much longer is this gonna go on in America? This is not what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have wanted and I’m sure he’s rolling in his grave right now.


God bless the two officers and RIP to them.

I’m sick of those 3 race baiters Obama, Sharpton & Jackson. They were the ones who continues to make this country so divisive when it shouldn’t be. That wasn’t Dr. King Jr’s. goal.

This is what Obama wanted… police officers to feel that their lives are in danger and he got it… good job, Obama. Fucking prick. I hope he’s proud of himself. Enjoy your Christmas vacation in Hawaii.