Even Dinesh D’ Souza is worried about Trump…

Ever since Trump’s shocking announcement that he has no plans to prosecute Hillary, some are now trying to make you understand that it’s the DOJ & FBI’s job to jail her.

Since Jeff Sessions will be the new Attorney General, that means he’ll be in charge of DOJ and FBI. Will Jeff Sessions prosecute Hillary if the FBI finds some stuff about her? If the new FBI director who ever that may be finds some hard enough evidence to indict Hillary, will Jeff Sessions go for it?

Radiohost Bill Mitchell is trying to make you believe that Trump is trying to make the FBI and AG independent.

Sorry Bill but I disagree. This means that Trump will be boss of Jeff Sessions. If Sessions finds some stuff about Hillary then he probably needs to pass it along to Trump. It seems that the president is in charge of FBI now really.

Something definitely did happen between Trump and Obama during that 1 and a half hour private meeting that made Trump go soft on her. Trump even strangely went soft on Obama after years of knocking him too. The NYTimes reported that Trump said he likes Obama a lot. That’s another WTF and scratch your head moment.



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