What’s going on with Kanye? I hope he’s okay…

Ya know, I see a lot of people re-sharing stupid memes  in facebook that they wish Kanye was dead. You know those memes that come up saying that they can’t understand why certain celebrities that they like die but they wonder why Kanye is still alive? I’m sure you’ve seen those memes lots of times and I’m like, really? How cold do these FB people have to be? I understand that some can’t stand someone but wishing death on them is wrong. Kanye is still human whether you like him or not.

It’s disgusting that Kanye is getting shit on for his support of Trump but I hope him getting hospitalized has nothing to do with that. He shouldn’t stop showing his support of Trump and he should keep it going. I can now understand why he had to wait until the election is over with to show his support of Trump ’cause he was probably worried of getting a liberal backlash.


People are saying that Kanye’s music career is gonna be over ’cause of his support of Trump? No. I predict his career is gonna get bigger. Trump has a lot of supporters and now that Kanye is showing his support, I’m feeling many Trump supporters will start buying his music. I know I will. I’m thinking about buying his albums, “Yeezus” and “Life of Pablo”. I already have one of his older albums on CD, “Graduation”, I think.

If you’ve payed any attention to my blog over the years of my life, I never really had a problem with Kanye. Look through my older posts, you can see me defending him quite a lot. He’s okay, in my eyes and I really mean that. I was never really a Kanye basher.


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