Hey Bernie fanatics, Trump vows to withdraw from TPP on first day in office…

One thing that both sides of the spectrum can agree on is that we both conservatives and liberals hate the TPP trade. Well say goodbye to that once Trump gets in office. I know that Bernie fans hate the TPP trade too so I don’t get why they continue to hate Trump.

Both Trump and Bernie has similar views. Both think TPP trade is bad and both thinks infrastructure in the USA could improve. So why do some Bernie fans continue to hate Trump? I don’t get it. Bernie fans should be happy that we’re getting rid of TPP and improving the infrastructure.

Once Trump gets in office, be ready America! Trump is definitely not gonna be a “All Talk, No Action” kind of guy. He’s gonna be giving all the things he’s been promising us including kicking out illegal aliens and building the wall.

Trump being in office is gonna be a wild ride. We’re gonna be winning so much, you’ll be tired of winning!

This is why he got my vote ’cause Trump is the real deal. He gets things done and he’s the man of his word.



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