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The American people are fighting back at the news media and we’re fighting back hard!


The only reason that the mainstream media is trying to take down Trump is ’cause they can’t stand the fact that the American people want him as president and they can’t take it.

The media was successful at making Barack Obama president. They’re now desperately trying to make Hillary president but the media is pissed ’cause they know it’s not working for them. Nobody wants Hillary for president ’cause we all know her responsibility for Benghazi and she has countless of other scandals. Plus she has no record and no accomplishments.

A lot of us know that the media is garbage ’cause most of them are so one-sided. They are on one side which is left-wing. That includes FOX News ’cause they are left-wing too, they are not conservative as some mistakenly think FOX News is.

It’s pretty sad to me that some people look at the media as “credible source” and they all get labeled as “liberals” and when people are against the media they get labeled as “conservatives”. That’s how it’s going in America these days, hey?

What makes the media believes that we all want a liberal politician as president all the time? In the old days, the American people used to pick the president and not the media. These days, the media seems to be picking the president. The people should be picking the president. We HAVE chosen our president and most of us want Donald Trump.

People think Rubio and Cruz are the gonna be the GOP nominee but those two guys are doing so bad in the polls, though.

Trump is kicking ass in all of the polls and it’s making people jealous. This is how it should be, the American people picking the president and it’s pissing the media off.

Our news media fucking sucks. I used to watch the news like NBC, CNN, FOX News and all that stuff but I’ve been so disgusted with the news under Barack Obama lately so I stopped watching or reading the news completely. You should do the same. They don’t report “news” anymore. Just one-sided opinions. They only report what they want you to see.  Wake the fuck up!


After the CNBC debacle w/ GOP Debate no. 3, that’s good enough to show that the media is on one side…

I thought news journalism was supposed to be to help keep the government honest regardless of political views? Instead, the media seems to be siding with a political party and that’s the left. The liberal party. If you wanna know why a lot of people these days have “far left” political views, blame the corrupted media.

The Chairman of the RNC just wrote a letter announcing that the GOP are suspending partnership with NBC for the Feb. 26 2016 debate.


I’m tired of “one-sided” politics and the GOP Debate No. 3 should be good enough to prove that.

When Donald Trump gets elected in office, he’s probably gonna change the way the media reports its news. I’m not saying get rid of “liberal” politics from the news completely. They should bring some “conservative” news in the media too, ya know? Mix it up. Be honest on both sides of the spectrum. I appreciate the media being honest on the GOP but they should be honest on the liberal side too. If you can’t see that the media only stays on the left then you are out of touch of reality for sure. Wake the hell up.


The mainstream media doesn’t care what the American people really thinks… which is why we’re all getting fed up with them…

The news media doesn’t care if we all hate Barack Obama and don’t care that we want him gone. Instead they like to make him look like an authentic president who’s just doing his job and claim he’s doing it right. The news media wants to pretend we all want “gay marriage” when the fact is that most of us don’t… all those poll numbers of most Americans wanting “gay marriage” are probably false anyways ’cause most of us in America are true believers of “traditional” marriage. The news media wants us to believe that thugs like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray were innocent young men who didn’t deserve what they got when most of us know for a fact that they all deserved what they got. The news media don’t care that most of us want Donald Trump as president but instead they like to pretend that we don’t but instead they ram Hillary Clinton down our throats. The news media don’t care that we believe that Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi investigation is legit and pretty serious but instead the media makes lies that they got busted by Hillary which is a big load of bull.

Okay, I think you get where I’m going with this… you see what you see being reported in the mainstream news in this day and age is not how the American people really thinks. The media likes to make this country look like a liberal country when in fact we’re actually more conservative than liberal. Conservatism is actually way more popular than liberalism in America. Why do you think Donald Trump and Ben Carson’s polls have gone way up??? That really says something doesn’t it? The way I’m seeing it, conservatism is actually pretty huge in this country and liberalism is actually getting weaker.

It’s a fact that the media doesn’t care what we believe or how we think ’cause all they care about is ramming liberalism down our throats. A lot of us don’t really care about “liberalism” and we’re tired of it. Seriously there are more “right-wingers” in this country than “left-wingers”. It’s just that the media tries to make “liberalism” more powerful. A lot of us don’t think how they do at all but instead, the media likes to force their opinions on us and they try to change how we think. Not happening with me, though… I ain’t falling for the media’s bullshit.

The media is doing whatever they can to protect liberalism and ram it down our throats. We definitely are in need of a new “conservative” movement which is another reason Donald Trump is popular and it’s why we need him in the White House. The world doesn’t revolve around liberalism.

The mainstream media shouldn’t be picking the president when the American people should be doing that. We all want Donald Trump as president but instead of the media respecting our choices as president, they continue to make Trump look bad but they make Jeb Bush and Hillary look good. It’s just sickening really. If you can’t see how corrupt our media is right now then you’re out of touch of reality for sure. You really gotta stop being so damn naive and stop trusting the media so easily ’cause sadly there are still too many people who trusts the media too easily. Remember that old saying, “Don’t trust everyone and everything so easily?”. Well the same goes for the mainstream news media. You can’t trust and believe everything you see & read. It’s why I stopped watching & reading the news completely ’cause it’s nothing but a bunch of left-wing garbage. Everything has become too liberal these days and that includes FOX News ’cause they are leaning to the left these days too. Even FOX News is trying to make Hillary look good.

I’m tired of the media protecting left-wing people when both parties should be held responsible for all the bad things they say or do. If you take what the Washington Post says or what CNN says or what NBC says seriously then I feel sorry for you. They are not the best credible sources of information at all.


I wish liberals would be realistic with their own party… that’s the problem we’re having in this country…

The left is trying all their best to make themselves look credible and real. Everything in their world is real and true but anything that is different than them is bullshit. Liberals are always right and conservatives are always wrong. Liberals are good guys. Conservatives are evil. That’s how it’s going in this country right now.

In this interesting article in the link below, I love it when this article wrote: “It is usually impossible for a non-liberal to change a liberal’s mind about political issues because liberalism works like so: only liberals are credible sources of information.”

Which is very true!


Yes, that’s the problem we’re having in this country… “only liberals are credible sources of information”. That’s the point I’m trying to explain in these blogs. This article in Town Hall explains perfectly why liberalism is a huge problem in America these days.

When you try to explain to a liberal of where this country is headed, they’ll ignore you. If you try to explain who Barack Obama really is, they’ll call you all kinds of names like racist, bigot, conspiracy theorist, etc. When you try to explain to a liberal how corrupt the Democrat party is, they won’t care.

I blame all of this on the corrupted MSM for sure. They’re trying to brainwash people to be “far left” and they are sadly winning. A lot of people have fallen into the left-wing trap. Not me. I refuse to align myself with the liberal party. All the media wants to do is push out far-left politics and it’s getting worse.

Journalism shouldn’t be that way at all. I thought journalism is supposed to be reporting about what’s going on in the world regardless of political views? So far all the news is staying on the far-left and that includes FOX News.

The mainstream media has successfully gotten liberals to hate Christians, police officers, conservatives/Republicans, the Confederate Flag, etc.

Liberals won’t allow Democrat politicians to be held accountable for the crimes ’cause they are blind and dumb to see how criminal they are. That’s because the media protects Democrats. It’s all media. They’re brainwashing people.

That’s why Donald Trump and Ben Carson are so popular ’cause they refuse to be brainwashed by the media. As you all know, I’m not a big fan of media news. I try not to watch or read any of it.

It would be nice if one day liberals will be realistic on their own side. They don’t really have to agree with everything the media pushes out to them, ya know? If something is bad, don’t be afraid to say it. If the Democrats are corrupt, don’t be afraid to say it but nope, liberals have to side with everything ’cause the media tells them to.

It’s a fact that honest journalism is dead. Seriously, stop reading garbage like the Washington Post and NPR. They’re not credible sources of information at all. All they do is feed you left-wing garbage.

Stop paying attention to that shit and get yourself better educated. If you get yourself better educated, you would see what’s really going on in this country. What you see in the news currently is not really what’s going on in this country at all. It’s all a bunch of fictitious garbage. Barack Obama is not who they say he is at all.




You guys really gotta stop believing everything the media says about Barack Obama…

I know how a lot of people mistakenly wanna believe everything that the media says is true and credible source but this is really the most corrupted news media I’ve ever seen and they are getting worse. They really lie to you about a lot of stuff and this is gonna be my next videoblog rant.

All they do is protect liberalism. They promote liberalism, try to make the liberal side look good and ram it down our throats. Liberals will believe everything reported in the news while they believe everything else that’s not in the media is bullshit. THey’re purposely turning Americans into misinformed voters so they can vote “Democrat”. They believe everything in the media is right and true but when someone has a different view than theirs, that person is wrong. It’s just disgusting. I can’t stand our mainstream news media which is why I don’t watch or read the news at all.

A lot of the stuff I’ve said about Barack Obama over the years is real and pretty well-documented, it’s just that the media ignores most of it. They’re not being honest about Barack Obama at all. One day you’re gonna see what I mean.

More on a video rant about this later this week. Realistic journalism really is dead. The news media has turned into tabloids these days.


How the mainstream media works when it comes to reporting news about Barack & Hillary…

When it comes to news media reporting about Barack and Hillary, you would not see any news stories that would destroy their reputation in the mainstream news.

For example, you would not see this story on NBC, CNN, The Washington Post and the NY Times:


Instead NBC, CNN, The Washington Post and the NY Times would report something more positive like this:


This is why Barack and Hillary still has a lot of support. Even though some don’t really like them, they still don’t see them being evil and corrupted people. That’s because the mainstream media doesn’t report all the bad stuff that Barack and Hillary have done over the years.

That is why when conservatives want to call out all the bad stuff Barack and Hillary have done, conservatives get called “crazy” and a bunch of a “conspiracy theorists” by the liberal left. It’s just that the mainstream media is very protective over liberalism and the democrat party. Politics these days is “right vs. left” ’cause that’s how the mainstream media promoted it. The sad part is that the left looks at the mainstream news as “credible” source which is why a lot of them can’t see the evil in liberal politicians.

The mainstream news media is so liberal biased, it’s just crazy, ya know? Once again, it’s why I don’t watch the news anymore or read the papers.

What you see is not news. What you see is liberal propaganda being shoved in our faces. “News” should have never been “conservative vs. liberal”. News should be honest and realistic reporting equally and I don’t see any of that anymore. Liberals are so hateful towards conservatives and Republicans ’cause of the news media. I know the Republican party isn’t all that good and they can be just as bad but Democrats needs to be known as bad people too. The media needs to hold both parties responsible for all the bad stuff they do and that’s my point.

It’s amazing how liberals can’t see how corrupt and broken the Democrat party is… partly because the “news media” is pretty protective of Democrats.

If you want real and honest reporting on Democrats, you go to websites like InfoWars or the Blaze… stuff like that.

These days there is no such thing as “journalism” anymore. There aren’t any real journalists left. The real journalists have either quit, gotten fired or even died.

Pretty sad how the news media is under this administration.

How much do you wanna bet that if we elect a Republican president in 2016, the mainstream news media won’t be very protective of him/her ’cause of their Republican beliefs? The news media will make the Republican president look like a criminal indeed. It’s such a shame what American news reporting have come to.


It’s either Obama is in charge of the mainstream media or they are helping him or a little bit of both…

I’ve been saying for a long time now that the mainstream media is a huge problem. The media refuses to hold Obama and his administration accountable. All the major news networks and major news publications have all been refusing to report the bad stuff about Barack Obama. They won’t report anything about his imperial presidency. You wanna see reports on Obama shredding the constitution to pieces and breaking the law? You’re never gonna see all that stuff in the mainstream news.

If you wanna see real reporting on Obama… you look at stuff like Sharyl Attkisson, The Blaze or InfoWars and other alternative news stuff that you see on the internet.

This is why a lot of people still refuses to believe that Obama is evil and a madman ’cause the mainstream media doesn’t want to make him look like one. I think once Obama is finally exposed for all of his crimes, American journalists should also be jailed too for protecting him.

It’s either that Obama has them in control by paying them a lot of money to protect him or they are protecting him for fear of losing their careers if they decided to make him look bad or a little bit of both.

It’s why I don’t watch the news, read the papers or read the major news magazines like Time, Newsweek, etc.

If the mainstream media did their jobs and did some fair reporting instead of staying on one side, then Obama wouldn’t have been elected president. I hate our mainstream news media and consider none of it “credible” source.