I wish liberals would be realistic with their own party… that’s the problem we’re having in this country…

The left is trying all their best to make themselves look credible and real. Everything in their world is real and true but anything that is different than them is bullshit. Liberals are always right and conservatives are always wrong. Liberals are good guys. Conservatives are evil. That’s how it’s going in this country right now.

In this interesting article in the link below, I love it when this article wrote: “It is usually impossible for a non-liberal to change a liberal’s mind about political issues because liberalism works like so: only liberals are credible sources of information.”

Which is very true!


Yes, that’s the problem we’re having in this country… “only liberals are credible sources of information”. That’s the point I’m trying to explain in these blogs. This article in Town Hall explains perfectly why liberalism is a huge problem in America these days.

When you try to explain to a liberal of where this country is headed, they’ll ignore you. If you try to explain who Barack Obama really is, they’ll call you all kinds of names like racist, bigot, conspiracy theorist, etc. When you try to explain to a liberal how corrupt the Democrat party is, they won’t care.

I blame all of this on the corrupted MSM for sure. They’re trying to brainwash people to be “far left” and they are sadly winning. A lot of people have fallen into the left-wing trap. Not me. I refuse to align myself with the liberal party. All the media wants to do is push out far-left politics and it’s getting worse.

Journalism shouldn’t be that way at all. I thought journalism is supposed to be reporting about what’s going on in the world regardless of political views? So far all the news is staying on the far-left and that includes FOX News.

The mainstream media has successfully gotten liberals to hate Christians, police officers, conservatives/Republicans, the Confederate Flag, etc.

Liberals won’t allow Democrat politicians to be held accountable for the crimes ’cause they are blind and dumb to see how criminal they are. That’s because the media protects Democrats. It’s all media. They’re brainwashing people.

That’s why Donald Trump and Ben Carson are so popular ’cause they refuse to be brainwashed by the media. As you all know, I’m not a big fan of media news. I try not to watch or read any of it.

It would be nice if one day liberals will be realistic on their own side. They don’t really have to agree with everything the media pushes out to them, ya know? If something is bad, don’t be afraid to say it. If the Democrats are corrupt, don’t be afraid to say it but nope, liberals have to side with everything ’cause the media tells them to.

It’s a fact that honest journalism is dead. Seriously, stop reading garbage like the Washington Post and NPR. They’re not credible sources of information at all. All they do is feed you left-wing garbage.

Stop paying attention to that shit and get yourself better educated. If you get yourself better educated, you would see what’s really going on in this country. What you see in the news currently is not really what’s going on in this country at all. It’s all a bunch of fictitious garbage. Barack Obama is not who they say he is at all.




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