Trust me, Trey Gowdy knows what he’s doing in Benghazi investigation, he’s NOT dumb as most of you think…

A lot of people want to accuse Trey Gowdy of a lot of things. They want to accuse him of taking down Hillary. They want to accuse him of wasting a lot of tax payer money doing nothing. Blah blah blah, you get the deal.

Trust me, y’all. Trey is getting a lot of work done and getting a lot of info on Benghazi. Like I said before, the reason he’s getting a lot of critics ’cause most of the investigation is being done privately. Like I always say, this is a long and tough investigation ’cause there’s so much truth to get out. Barack and Hillary covered their tracks almost too damn good.

I really believe in Trey Gowdy and his Committee.

Give it time, y’all… when the full truth of Benghazi comes out… Trey will silence all of his critics for good. It’s gonna happen trust me. Trey isn’t a dumb guy as most would like to believe.

I think Trey will do a good job testifying with Hillary this Thursday. If lucky enough, he can force her to tell the truth. Yeah yeah, I know Hillary is gonna probably lie her head off like she always does but if lucky he can talk her into telling the truth for once. Trust me, Trey is good at what he does. He’s a pretty tough dude. He can easily get a confession out of her somehow and I hope it happens. If lucky enough, the hearing this Thursday could be the end of Hillary.

That’s why Joe Biden is being brought into the Democrat race ’cause he is just being used as back up incase Hillary gets busted. Joe is Hillary’s replacement in the election ’cause the Democrats are desperate for a “superstar”.

I hope something happens to Hillary this Thursday. Trust me, y’all. I don’t think Hillary can handle a pitbull like Trey Gowdy at all. He’s gonna grill her pretty hard. He’s gonna be one pissed off mofo for sure. Haha! How much do you wanna bet that when their testimony is over, all the headlines will be saying, “Tempers flare during Hillary Testimony on Benghazi”. That’s what’s gonna happen.

I hope Trey is successful at exposing Hillary this Thursday. I wouldn’t be surprised if the hearing only lasted a few minutes ’cause Hillary could storm out ’cause she couldn’t handle Trey’s yelling.

Watch the video below as an example of how tough Trey gets. She better be afraid of this guy.


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