The mainstream media doesn’t care what the American people really thinks… which is why we’re all getting fed up with them…

The news media doesn’t care if we all hate Barack Obama and don’t care that we want him gone. Instead they like to make him look like an authentic president who’s just doing his job and claim he’s doing it right. The news media wants to pretend we all want “gay marriage” when the fact is that most of us don’t… all those poll numbers of most Americans wanting “gay marriage” are probably false anyways ’cause most of us in America are true believers of “traditional” marriage. The news media wants us to believe that thugs like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray were innocent young men who didn’t deserve what they got when most of us know for a fact that they all deserved what they got. The news media don’t care that most of us want Donald Trump as president but instead they like to pretend that we don’t but instead they ram Hillary Clinton down our throats. The news media don’t care that we believe that Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi investigation is legit and pretty serious but instead the media makes lies that they got busted by Hillary which is a big load of bull.

Okay, I think you get where I’m going with this… you see what you see being reported in the mainstream news in this day and age is not how the American people really thinks. The media likes to make this country look like a liberal country when in fact we’re actually more conservative than liberal. Conservatism is actually way more popular than liberalism in America. Why do you think Donald Trump and Ben Carson’s polls have gone way up??? That really says something doesn’t it? The way I’m seeing it, conservatism is actually pretty huge in this country and liberalism is actually getting weaker.

It’s a fact that the media doesn’t care what we believe or how we think ’cause all they care about is ramming liberalism down our throats. A lot of us don’t really care about “liberalism” and we’re tired of it. Seriously there are more “right-wingers” in this country than “left-wingers”. It’s just that the media tries to make “liberalism” more powerful. A lot of us don’t think how they do at all but instead, the media likes to force their opinions on us and they try to change how we think. Not happening with me, though… I ain’t falling for the media’s bullshit.

The media is doing whatever they can to protect liberalism and ram it down our throats. We definitely are in need of a new “conservative” movement which is another reason Donald Trump is popular and it’s why we need him in the White House. The world doesn’t revolve around liberalism.

The mainstream media shouldn’t be picking the president when the American people should be doing that. We all want Donald Trump as president but instead of the media respecting our choices as president, they continue to make Trump look bad but they make Jeb Bush and Hillary look good. It’s just sickening really. If you can’t see how corrupt our media is right now then you’re out of touch of reality for sure. You really gotta stop being so damn naive and stop trusting the media so easily ’cause sadly there are still too many people who trusts the media too easily. Remember that old saying, “Don’t trust everyone and everything so easily?”. Well the same goes for the mainstream news media. You can’t trust and believe everything you see & read. It’s why I stopped watching & reading the news completely ’cause it’s nothing but a bunch of left-wing garbage. Everything has become too liberal these days and that includes FOX News ’cause they are leaning to the left these days too. Even FOX News is trying to make Hillary look good.

I’m tired of the media protecting left-wing people when both parties should be held responsible for all the bad things they say or do. If you take what the Washington Post says or what CNN says or what NBC says seriously then I feel sorry for you. They are not the best credible sources of information at all.


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