The only reason people would vote Hillary is ’cause she’s a woman, that’s all…


Remember, Hillary is no stranger to lying, cover-ups and government corruption as it goes way back to the Nixon Watergate scandal. Yeah, she was involved in that indeed. She helped protect Nixon from impeachment for sure.

I can’t think of any reason to vote for Hillary. She hasn’t accomplished a whole lot in the US over the years. When you ask a liberal of what she accomplished over the years, they usually get stumped. If you ask a liberal what she accomplished, they’re gonna cheat by hitting google which further proves that they couldn’t think of anything at the top of their heads. Hillary didn’t accomplish much at all. She did nothing positive to America over the years but treated America in a negative direction. Yet, people love her anyways.

When you ask liberals what you’re voting Hillary for, they usually get stumped on that as well. Their usual response to that one is that “She’s a woman”, meaning that they can’t think of anything else.

It’s just pretty sickening really. I can’t understand the obsessions over the Clintons when they did nothing but hurt the American people and treat the country in a negative direction but liberals still love Bill & Hillary anyways. It’s proof how brain dead they really are.

America is just desperate for a first woman president. Hey, I’m all for a first woman president too but she needs to be trusted and I’ll have to like her political issues & views in order for her to earn my vote. Just because she’s a woman, doesn’t mean she’s gonna automatically earn my vote. Of course, when you’re against this woman running, you’ll get called “sexist” and all that stuff.

Liberals believe there is no reason to be hating on Hillary well, there’s plenty of reasons. She’s a liar, criminal and murderer for one. Secondly, “scandal” is her middle name. She has too many scandals, it’s countless. She has more scandals than Barack Obama sadly.

If she becomes the next one, we’ll be even more screwed and it’ll prove how insane liberal America really has become lately.


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