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Republican Congress finally doing what we elected them for, of course crybaby Obama doesn’t like it…

Obama is not having a good week. From now on, Obama must wait for Congress to have a say on any future Iran nuclear deals and the vote of Loretta Lynch as the replacement for Attorney General is still being delayed.

Which is good actually. Congress is actually doing their job. Trying to fight Obama’s bad presidency and his bad policies. Doing exactly what we voted them for.

Of course, typical Obama cries like a baby and he does this every time when things don’t go his way. He’ll call out the GOP like he usually does.


What we need is a real president who’ll accept things for what they are and move on if things don’t go his or hers way. We need a real president who treats both parties with respect. That’s the kind of president we need in 2016. We need a president who isn’t so one-sided on political views. I think Rand  Paul will be that guy.


Reasons why some still don’t believe that Democrats are just as bad as Republicans…

It’s good that some people believe that Republicans are bad people, corrupted and crazy but what about them Democrats? When you argue and debate with people on how bad democrats are in government, some will act like you don’t know what you’re talking about. A lot of people on the left will treat Democrat politicians like they’re heroes and act like there is nothing wrong with them. When you want to debate about people such as Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc. and talk all kinds of bad things about them, the left will just ignore it as if you don’t know what you’re talking about. They will defend them and then they will try to point out all the positive things they have done in America explaining why they like them. They will ignore all the criminal things that Democrat politicians have committed in government.

My question is why are the left so one-sided people? They’ll never be honest with their own party. Conservatives have no problem talking trash at both parties. We’re not one-sided people at all but the left clearly are. Us conservatives are not afraid to call out the GOP.

My belief on the reasons why the left refuses to be honest about their own party are:

  • The mainstream media – This is pretty much key as to why people won’t wake up about the Democrat party. It’s because the mainstream news media makes them look too good. NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and newspapers such as Washington Post/NY Times and radio stations such as NPR. They are the ones promoting that “Democrats are good people” and “Republicans are evil”.
  • People are just misinformed and uneducated – Need I say more? There’s tons of people who aren’t smart about politics and it makes you wonder why Barack Obama was elected twice.  People being misinformed is a small part of it.
  • Barack Obama never says anything negative about Democrats, he’s always talking negative about Republicans – If you wanna know the big reason why politics is so divided with the “right vs. left” is because Obama helped make it a lot worse.  He’s always treating the Democrat party in a positive direction while he’s always complaining and whining about Republicans. As long as he’s never saying anything negative about Democrats, liberals won’t either. Liberals seem to be following everything Barack says or does. As long as he says it, to the left it must be true.

I think you get the idea?

Talking politics to the left has gotten a lot worse. When you want to call the democrat party corrupted, broken and criminal… people will accuse you of being a “negative” person, a hater or a bigot or whatever they want to call you these days. They complain about your negativity about the democrat party yet everyone thinks it’s okay to trash the GOP.

It’s interesting how nobody wants to believe that the Democrat party is corrupted, broken and criminal under Barack Obama.

When will people wake up and realize that both parties are equally bad? Democrats are just as bad as Republicans and it’s a shame that people can’t see that.

I’ll have more on this topic another time and maybe this is worthy of a video rant too.



How is Obama attacking Republicans a good thing???

“Obama’s calling Republicans “the enemy” i”s far more vile than anything Netanyahu called the Arabs.”

Dinesh is right on the money again.

Isn’t a real president’s job is supposed to respect both political parties? I have never seen past presidents being so hateful and spiteful toward the other party they’re not in. Maybe this is why liberals are so hateful toward the right it’s ’cause Obama calls them the “enemy”. Liberals will follow anything their precious Obama does. Anything Obama says is right to them. This is what Obama does when he doesn’t get his way, he’ll whine about Republicans. He’ll call them out and bitch about them. Whenever new scandals happen, Obama will blame them on Republicans.

When Bush was president, I’ve never really seen him bash the Democrats. When Clinton was president, I’ve never seen him bash the Republicans. The reason is politics was never this divisive until now under the age of Obama.

Obama can say all kinds of offensive things everyday and he gets away with it. Liberals will eat up everything he says. It’s getting old and tiresome.

To be honest, liberals shouldn’t be trusting Obama either and that’s what we try to tell them. They don’t really have to agree with everything he says but nope liberals are pretty dedicated to their party… they would only believe in their liberal views. It’s the same way as supporting your home football team and nothing else.

Obama attacking the GOP all the time is wrong and offensive. Yet, he gets away with it and I think that’s the only reason why liberals still love the guy.

I don’t know anymore. The delusional left is never gonna wake up on Obama. Never. Even if there is hard evidence of Obama’s crimes like say Benghazi for example. If there is proof proving his guilt of Obama’s Benghazi responsibility, liberals are never gonna turn their backs on him. They’ll always defend him no matter the situation. It’s real sad, really.


If Obama is so supportive of illegal immigrants then…

… Obama is probably an illegal immigrant himself. Think about it and read between the lines.

This immigration stuff is pretty scary. You should be scared of it. Illegal immigrants have no place here and Obama’s doing all he can to welcome them here. Obama wants to give them better opportunities than us. Obama wants to give them good jobs. Wants illegal immigrants to make more money than us. He wants to give them all the goodies while the rest of us pretty much have nothing and suffering.

Obama’s immigration plan is just the beginning of his transformation of America like Dinesh D’ Souza have tried to warn us in his films “2016: Obama’s America” and “America: Imagine The World Without Her”.

This immigration stuff and amnesty is not good for the country at all. Of course, delusional liberals are all for it and worshiping Obama over this.

How is Obama’s immigration plan gonna help the country and make it better? How is granting amnesty is gonna help?


Obama knows how we feel about his immigration plan and we don’t want it. He doesn’t care. Nothing’s stopping this man until impeachment or criminal charges stops him.

I think this stuff is part of his plan in turning us into a Muslim state.

How is allowing illegals to stay here a good idea??? They are undocumented people for a pretty good reason which means they could be dangerous and violent. Crime would be on the rise and it already has because of the open border in Texas.

If this isn’t a good enough sign to tell that Obama is not born in this country, then I don’t know what else it is. It’ll be nice to find a way to deport this egomaniacal asshole back to Africa where he belongs.

I do hope and pray that Republicans will be successful at stopping Obama. This is pretty scary stuff and you should be too. Obama needs to get impeached or even better arrested.


If there was anything to get Obama impeached for, I guess amnesty would do it…

On the last election, Americans voted all Republican so Congress can hopefully give the smackdown on Obama’s imperial presidency and fight back at his lawlessness. Obama have been president for 6 years now. Obama have done plenty of impeachable offenses, broke plenty of laws over the years and he was never faithful to the Constitution. Nothing have been done to Obama ’cause Democrats refuses to wake up and get a reality check of how Obama is. Republicans know how bad of a guy Obama is but they refuse to challenge impeachment in fear of hurting their careers over racism accusations. Nothing have been done to hold Obama accountable ’cause he has way too many people in Government protecting his ass and the national news media have been protecting his ass too. This is how Obama gets away with everything. He has so many people protecting him, it’s crazy.

We voted all Republican hoping that they would fight back at Obama like they promised but so far the Republicans have been pretty silent. Instead, they seem to be pretty nice with Obama and cooperating with him except if Obama goes ahead with his amnesty plans, the Republicans threaten impeachment. That’s what’s gonna take him down if Obama goes ahead with amnesty without Congressional approval.

Most Americans know how much of a criminal he is and most of us want him gone but Congress does nothing to get him held accountable. Obama continues to get worse as I predicted. Instead of celebrating Veterans day at home with a wreath laying ceremony, Obama goes to China to make a climate deal and Biden does the wreath laying ceremony instead. How Un-American is that? Now Obama wants to regulate the internet with the FCC. He’s gonna keep getting worse for the next two years.

Delusional left-wingers still don’t wanna wake-up on Obama. They still don’t wanna be aggressive enough on him. I know liberals are still defending Obama ’cause every time I make my anti-Obama stuff in facebook they just want to reject every negative thing that is said about Obama just like you guys do on here. No matter how many criminal actions you want to point out that Obama did toward liberals, they just don’t wanna hear the truth. It’s either Bush’s fault or the Republicans fault. I don’t understand why people still act like there’s nothing wrong with the guy and their obsession with thinking that Obama is innocent? The left is pretty one-sided, that’s why. They think there is nothing wrong with Democrats and yet Republicans are the bad guys.

I also think the left lack critical thinking skills which they know nothing about. I’m not a crazed conspiracy theorist or anything like that. I consider myself a critical thinker. I like to think deep. I like to do my homework on things and get facts. Get myself well-informed which a lot of people in America don’t do these days. That’s why I know so much about Obama’s past and what he’s done over the years.

It’s amazing how people don’t wanna see him in trouble. I don’t really wanna see him get held accountable for his amnesty when I would rather see him get busted for more serious crimes like Benghazi, Operation F&F, Obamacare, IRS and the NSA. I would like to see him get taken down for his fake birth certificate too. The Benghazi 4 still need their justices.

Why do people don’t wanna see him in get trouble? Who cares if he does or not, man. You don’t fucking know the guy or don’t know what he’s capable of, so why do people get so obsessed with thinking he does nothing wrong no matter the situation? I’m sick of seeing people pretending he does nothing wrong. People really are whacked when it comes to politics discussion. He’s just a political figure we don’t know so who cares. Let him suffer for all I care. I don’t really care about political figures ’cause they’re all scum to be honest with ya.

I don’t know why so many people risk their life to protect this man that is dangerous and evil. If I was in government, I know I wouldn’t protect this man, I don’t care how much money I’d get paid — I don’t care if I lose my career or go to jail for it. Obama is like a cult leader and he has followers in government worshiping him. Obama is kind of like Joe Carroll in that show, “The Following”. Committing crimes and getting away with it by having his “followers” protect the man. There are even a handful of Republicans in Congress protecting Obama too.

It’s really disgusting, man. How government came out to be today. If our government was more trusting and they did their jobs then Obama would have been in prison a long time ago. Someday, you’re gonna regret thinking that there is nothing wrong with him. You should have had that feeling about him a long time ago.


A little drama between Biden and Obama over immigration…

This is entertaining as hell. Even Biden is pissing Obama off. I think Obama is still upset at the Republican victory last week and Obama hasn’t recovered from it. This just goes to show how much Obama hates those evil Republicans. One mention of that word, “republican”, Obama will react to it.



Why Republicans were victorious this week for the Election… just my observation…

In facebook when I made that post about the Election and a little debate started out of it, people told me that I should vote for who is best for the job. That’s exactly what I did. Vote for people who is best for the job and they are Republicans. Democrats are lousy at running the country. You know that a Republican take over in the United States was bound to happen. Why did the Republicans take over?

It’s not only because the Democrat party is corrupt, broken and criminal… another reason is that the Democrat/liberal side refuses to unite with us to get our country back. We tried to explain to the left how America is in bad shape and what Obama is doing to our country, they just don’t wanna listen to us. We tried many times to get the left to wake up of what’s going on with our country but no matter what we did, they won’t wake up. That’s exactly what made us right-wingers wanna step up and take over Congress since the left doesn’t care.

How were the Republicans successful at taking over Congress and the USA??? One word: campaigning. They did a lot of campaigning to help people running for Congress. That’s the key. They knew that America was in danger and the Democrats do nothing to help fix out country so they did everything in their power to come out strong and kick ass!!! If Democrats won’t care to do something about Obama’s criminal actions, we’re gonna do something about it ourselves.

Sorry but that’s the way it goes.

I was watching some of the election last night on NBC and I was surprised that they were all over the Republican thing and they even interviewed Sen. Rand Paul. Even though NBC is big time liberal, they had no choice but to support the Republican party ’cause of their successful takeover. I’m also hoping that Republicans will do something about our mainstream media so there can be more honest reporting in the future and not just report things aimed at liberal views.

The election this year will be for the history books, indeed. This is also an opportunity to get a Republican president for 2016 too.

We really showed how fed up we are with liberals. Okay, I know another election post but I’m pretty excited and couldn’t help it. I’ll try to talk about something else later.


Harry Reid, you’re FIRED!!!

Even more exciting news that Obama’s lapdog, Harry Reid is terminated. In the words of Donald Trump, “Harry Reid, you’re fired!!!” Now that Harry Reid is officially done as Senate Majority Leader, it’ll be interesting to see how things go now that Obama’s protector is gone. Will all of Obama’s crimes like Benghazi, Operation: F&F, IRS, NSA, Obamacare, etc. start to unravel and will hopefully expose Obama the criminal that he is? We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Now that Harry Reid is done and Republicans took over Congress we should soon get more truths of all of Obama’s scandals. Just wait for it.

Here’s what’s gonna happen now that Republicans took over Congress, they’re gonna fight back at Obama’s illegal executive orders, they’re gonna try to get rid of Obamacare and they’re gonna try to force him to consult with Congress before trying something. They could also start working on trying to impeach Obama too.

This is a pretty exciting week. Obama’s days as president could be done very soon, that’s my next prediction.


Today is a huge celebration for right-wingers, take that libtards!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

In the words of Bill Murray, “We came, we saw, we kicked it’s ass”. My version of that quote would be, “We came, we saw, we kicked the libtards asses”!!! That’s exactly what we did yesterday as I predicted we would. We have full control of Congress just like we predicted. Now I can sit here and be entertained by watching libtards implode by our victory!!!

Gov. Cuomo disappointingly won second term as Governor of New York which fucking sucks (New York, voter fraud???) but I’m very happy that Republicans took over Congress.

Take that Obama!!! I’m sure Obama is pretty pissed off.

Today is a big celebration for America. Now we have full control of Congress, hopefully we can get rid of Obama soon. They should get right to work on that now. This is not only an opportunity to get rid of Obama, it’s also an opportunity to stop Hillary from running for President.

Celebration video coming soon, I think!!! Today is a great day for America!!! Welcome back, right-wingers. We came back strong and hard as I predicted. I’m sure liberals are raging mad but that’s tough shit. That’s what they get for how they treated Republicans/conservatives over the years. A big dose of karma for them.


Is there any real truth to politics anymore??? I vote no…

Everybody wants to tell their own version of the truth in politics. Is there any real truth to politics and government discussion in this day and age? The way I’m looking at this is that there is no such thing as the truth anymore and here’s what I mean…

Politics today is so divided. Everybody knows that. Seems like the left and right is a big thing these days. The left and right have opposites of opinions on everything. The two parties each have different thoughts and views. To explain exactly what I mean…

The right wants to believe that President Obama is an evil tyrant and dictator who is set out to destroy America. The left wants to believe that there is nothing wrong with Obama. The left knows that America is in bad shape but they never want to blame it on him. The left wants to blame it all on the Republicans in Congress and blame George W. Bush. My point being, the right thinks dems/liberals are the badguys while the left  thinks conservatives/republicans are the badguys.

Here are some more specific examples:

Lets take this immigration reform stuff as a perfect example. The right don’t agree with Obama’s immigration reform plan. They don’t agree with Obama’s amnesty and his border plan. They also don’t agree with him going on with the Immigration Reform without Congressional approval. The left thinks the right are a bunch of badguys for Obama’s immigration reform plan. They think John Boehner is a coward and corrupt leader just because he disagreed with Obama’s executive actions. The left thinks Obama is a hero for calling out Republicans over Boehner’s lawsuit threat, while the right calls Obama a crybaby and a child.

The Hobby Lobby stuff is another good one. The right thinks the Supreme Court are heroes for giving the smackdown on the contraceptives over Obamacare but the left thinks they are evil and disgusting that they ignored human rights for women.

Lets look at Benghazi. The right wants answers and justice for the 4 Americans that were killed. The left wants to act like that Benghazi is nothing. They don’t want to blame Obama/Hillary for the attacks. They want to attack Republicans for dragging it on and making a big deal about it.

The right wants to impeach Obama for all the bad things he have done to America like all the scandals, the lying and disobeying the Constitution obsessively. The left thinks he’s an innocent and harmless man.

Okay, I think you get my point now. It’s all opposites of opinion. The divided parties are messed up, in my opinion. When will there ever be a time when both sides will agree with each other on something?

It’s difficult to tell which party is telling the truth. That’s the point I’m getting at here.

The left doesn’t want to hate on Obama when they should. Obama is making liberals look bad when they are not even realizing it. The left elected Barack hoping he would achieve what they wanted but Barack is doing all of the exact opposite. He’s not making the liberals happy even if they think he is. Barack hates America. He doesn’t like either party. He’s making both sides look ridiculous.

People in politics are confusing and crazy. That’s why I stick to my guns when I make my views and opinions, ya know? I don’t need to side with others truths. The left really believe in their truths. The right really believes in theirs. I like to tell my truth and that’s the end of it.