Why Republicans were victorious this week for the Election… just my observation…

In facebook when I made that post about the Election and a little debate started out of it, people told me that I should vote for who is best for the job. That’s exactly what I did. Vote for people who is best for the job and they are Republicans. Democrats are lousy at running the country. You know that a Republican take over in the United States was bound to happen. Why did the Republicans take over?

It’s not only because the Democrat party is corrupt, broken and criminal… another reason is that the Democrat/liberal side refuses to unite with us to get our country back. We tried to explain to the left how America is in bad shape and what Obama is doing to our country, they just don’t wanna listen to us. We tried many times to get the left to wake up of what’s going on with our country but no matter what we did, they won’t wake up. That’s exactly what made us right-wingers wanna step up and take over Congress since the left doesn’t care.

How were the Republicans successful at taking over Congress and the USA??? One word: campaigning. They did a lot of campaigning to help people running for Congress. That’s the key. They knew that America was in danger and the Democrats do nothing to help fix out country so they did everything in their power to come out strong and kick ass!!! If Democrats won’t care to do something about Obama’s criminal actions, we’re gonna do something about it ourselves.

Sorry but that’s the way it goes.

I was watching some of the election last night on NBC and I was surprised that they were all over the Republican thing and they even interviewed Sen. Rand Paul. Even though NBC is big time liberal, they had no choice but to support the Republican party ’cause of their successful takeover. I’m also hoping that Republicans will do something about our mainstream media so there can be more honest reporting in the future and not just report things aimed at liberal views.

The election this year will be for the history books, indeed. This is also an opportunity to get a Republican president for 2016 too.

We really showed how fed up we are with liberals. Okay, I know another election post but I’m pretty excited and couldn’t help it. I’ll try to talk about something else later.


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