What Cliven Bundy did was very heroic and inspiring…

What Cliven Bundy did was very heroic and inspiring. This man didn’t do this for himself. He did it to make a difference in America and fight for Constitutional rights. He had every right to own those cows and they were completely “legal”. Cliven Bundy and his team fighting back and was successful at getting the Feds to leave was pretty amazing stuff. He was also successful at getting the BLN to release the cows back to him.

This man deserves a Noble peace prize. I’m sure liberals and other people will have a different opinion on this. Some would think those cows were illegal for him to own and some would think he got away with it but no matter what you think of him… Cliven Bundy won. This man was very brave and had a lot of balls to fight back at our government. He couldn’t take no shit so he stood up for himself and the American people.

This felt like the Wild West. Like those Western movies… John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. I can absolutely see Hollywood making a movie based on this just like they did with Tom Hanks and Captain Phillips.

This incident is VERY similar to other incidents like the Benghazi attacks and Operation: F&F. So hopefully this is good enough to see that the government were responsible for Benghazi and Operation: F&F after to what they did with Cliven Bundy. You’re just working and living your daily lives and suddenly you get surrounded by armed men in a very quick time. That’s what happened on all of these incidents.

I’m glad the Cliven Bundy incident ended positively ’cause it could have been worse. There could have been deaths out of this and glad people weren’t hurt or even killed.

I’m afraid this isn’t over yet, though. I’m feeling the Obama administration and the Feds aren’t gonna give up on him. They’ll find other ways to get him. I feel for Cliven’s safety now, though. He could be next on Obama’s “mysterious” accident list.


7 thoughts on “What Cliven Bundy did was very heroic and inspiring…”

  1. I don’t really understand what happened. Can you explain it in a concise, simple way? The news has made the story very murky, at least what I’ve read.

    1. Well, to keep the story short and simple… Bundy owned that land since the 1800’s… bought and payed for it himself. The BLM was established in 1946. He was paying fees to the BLM which was intended to help maintain the land, the road, fences, etc. Bundy was paying those fees until the BLM stopped doing their maintenance part so he used his own money to maintain the roads himself. So the BLM had the Federal Government try to take over the land and they started by taking away his cows. 100’s of protesters and some of Bundy’s militia men showed up to protest and fight back. 100’s of gunmen of the Federal Government showed up armed with snipers and everything.

      Bundy had all his right to own that land and his cattle. Anybody who has a different opinion is probably an ignorant liberal who knows nothing about Constitutional rights.


      1. It turns out that Obama and Harry Reid sent the Feds over which shouldn’t have been a surprise to you all.


    1. You’re right, thanks for correcting my mistake. I meant to say that his family bought the land in the 1800’s but the family did own the land since then. The BLM took over it when they were established in 1946.


      1. Then why did he agree he should be paying the grazing fees (although substantially less than what the BLM said he owed) ?

      2. Maybe Bundy started paying the fees to the BLM ’cause he thought it was the right thing to do… at first… maybe he did it to help keep his land and his animals but then he realized that the BLM agency is all corrupt and wasn’t to be trusted so he stopped paying them ’cause he didn’t want to put his money toward a bad company. So he used his own money to keep his land alive.

        The Feds had no reason to take over his land. The only reason they did it was just an excuse so Harry Reid and the Obama administration can have more land for solar energy and green energy sources. It all have to do with climate change and stuff. Look it up.


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