Hillary is not the only one with a health problem: what about Obama, Bill Clinton, Harry Reid???

It’s nice to see that Hillary’s health got out there but she isn’t the only one with a health problem. What about Obama, Bill Clinton and Harry Reid?

As for Obama: Looking really skinny and he seems to be getting skinnier. Speaking voice is getting worse. He used to be a good speaker admittedly but his speaking voice these days… uggghhhh. A lot of stuttering and mumbling. Plus his face doesn’t look too well either.

As for Bill Clinton: Both Hillary and Bill have a health problem. Look at Bill at his speeches and you can tell there is something wrong with him too. What is wrong with Bill’s skin? Does he have AIDS from banging too many women or his bad skin from doing too much coke?

As for Harry Reid: That guy have been having problems ever since his eye injury. He’s been in and out of the hospital quite a lot I hear.

Again, it’s great that Hillary’s health problem got out there but when will the health problem of the other three I talked about will get known?

Obama definitely has a health problem. He’s looking worse each time I see him too. That’s what Obama gets when he does too much hard drugs and too much gay sex over the years.


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