Will Hillary show at this Monday’s debate with the Donald? I say yes she probably would but…

… I predict that Hillary will only last for one debate with the Donald. Why, you may ask? Simply because like I repeatedly said many times before Hillary can’t take on a guy like the Donald. I really hope she shows this Monday night ’cause I want to see her get humiliated and destroyed by the Donald for the world to see.

As you see in the tweet above, looks like Trump can’t wait to debate Hillary on Monday night. Oh god, I really hope she shows!

She probably would show… however, she would only last for one debate with him and then she would drop out after. I’m sure he’s gonna keep the pressure on her pretty hard when he faces her in person.

Hillary vs. Donald in a presidential debate. It’s gonna be entertaining as hell TV, I’m telling ya. Of course, the moderators will probably kiss Hillary’s ass most of the time and be on her side most of the time. I’m sure the first presidential debate on TV will be a HUGE ratings draw ’cause you know how Trump pulls in the ratings. The whole country is waiting for Donald to destroy Hillary on TV. I know I can’t wait!

She may not even last long in the first debate ’cause she might walk out in the middle of it and give up. Ya know, storm out ’cause she couldn’t take the pressure from the Donald.

Trust me guys, the Donald is gonna drive Hillary crazy this coming Monday night. Even if he won’t be allowed to attack her, still though, he will always find ways to piss her off.

The 1st debate will be great TV. It’ll be better than PPV. I’ll be watching the presidential debate instead of WWE RAW. Can’t wait to watch it.


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