Gonna be going to Eastbound Throwdown this weekend…

The band Eastbound Jesus will hosting their 2nd annual “Eastbound Throwdown” this weekend. A two day festival with a bunch of bands.


I may not be online much for the next two days.

I’m just gonna go there enjoy the bands, hang out with people and enjoy myself. I’ll probably dance and go crazy when The Mallet Brothers, EBJ and Green hits the stage. Green is a cover band from my hometown of Greenwich so I’m looking forward to seeing them too. The band Green is always a good time.

I wonder how many drunk women will want to dance with me this weekend? By the time EBJ hits the stage, I’m sure everybody will be drunk by then. WIll I get drunk myself? Not sure. I try not to get drunk but I guess once in a blue moon won’t hurt. I probably will end up getting hammered ’cause I know people will probably end up offering me drinks anyways. Last year, I’ve had drunk women wanting to dance with me so I did and the same will probably happen this year. I’ll probably end up being all weird and crazy with the women.

Nothing wrong with that, though. That’s a part of what EBJ shows are for to be weird, crazy… get all rowdy and have a blast.

I’ll be bringing my Ipod Touch so I can take photos and video for my instagram. I’ll write about the show when on my blog when I get back.



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