Video: Hillary mad ’cause she isn’t ahead of Donald Trump in the polls…

This video is hilarious. Hillary goes on a little rant about why she isn’t 50 points ahead of Donald Trump in the polls. She doesn’t bring up his name at all but she was definitely talking about him.

Do you really want this piece of trash in the White House? A woman who seems to have a temper tantrum and all? Some  would believe that Trump has a temper tantrum but not really. Hillary is the one with the temper tantrum.

This video is hilarious. As she starts to say “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?”, she starts to raise her voice as if she is about to start yelling.

Donald Trump “winning” is definitely getting under her skin for sure.

Hillary can’t get the hint that the reason she’s not ahead in the polls is ’cause no one likes her. Not only “right-wingers” despise her, there are even some liberals and independent voters that despise her as well.

This woman is obviously mentally unstable and this video proves that. Maybe she really does have brain damage.

We can’t have her in the White House. If we do get her anyways, we’re so screwed.



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