Yoga will help you build strength and lose body fat both at the same time…

One thing I love about Yoga is that it also helps you build more strength and also lose body fat the same time. Yoga is not only exercises for building a little more muscle, it’s also cardio, I’m noticing. You wanna lose weight and lose body fat, Yoga will do it. Yoga is probably the best style of workouts to get you in the best shape of your life. Each week I do Yoga, I get a lot stronger. I get a little better with balancing too.

I’ve been onto Yoga for a couple of weeks now and had about 5 yoga sessions. I love Yoga. Wish I discovered this a long time ago.

Again, since I have scoliosis and the harrington rod, some may say Yoga might be risky for people with scoliosis but not really. Most Yoga is actually pretty safe for me. Only Yoga poses I can’t be doing are backbending stuff ’cause metal can’t bend. Other than that, I can do everything else just fine.

Yoga is pretty fuckin’ awesome. Loving it so far. It really is good for your health and good for your body. Good for your breathing too. There’s too many reasons why Yoga is good.

I plan to stick with Yoga and stay dedicated. Yoga may look boring to you but once you actually do it, you would find it fun and enjoyable. I’m glad I got into it.

I may not be all that flexible yet but give it time and I will be soon.



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