Liberals hypocrites when they accuse Donald Trump of being mean & offensive? I’d say yes…

Liberals want to talk about “bigotry” and “hate” all the time but do they ever re-read of how they to talk to people online? Especially to people with “right-wing” views? I have always said this for years. Liberals really do act like hypocrites when cry about “hate” and “bigotry” when they are just that. They accuse conservatives of being hateful when they should look in the fucking mirror.

It’s no secret that liberals can be so “vile” and “hateful” to people with “right-wing” views. I’ve had libtards say nasty shit to me. Even some of you guys who read my blog regularly has said hateful things about me on here just because you disagree.

It’s fine that you want to disagree with “conservatives” but what about disagreeing with class and respect? Whatever happened to civilized debates? All libs do is resort to name-calling, bullying and all that.

You want to talk about people being “deplorables” what about liberals hatred toward conservatives? It’s getting so old and tiresome! Liberals don’t like it when conservatives “hate” but liberals get a free pass when they do. We can’t trash liberal politicians but it’s okay for liberals to trash conservatives. I can’t hate Bernie Sanders or Obama but liberals are allowed to hate Donald Trump or Sarah Palin. We can’t say anything negative about gays, women, Muslims, illegal immigrants or blacks but liberals are allowed to talk trash about conservatives. That is messed up.

When is all of this gonna end? This is why we need Trump.



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