If Hillary drops out before the Sept. 26th debate, who would Trump debate with then???


It’s gonna happen at some point. Hillary dropping out of the race ’cause she’s finally dropping in the polls and more and more people are losing more respect for her which is good. Hillary will probably drop out sometime before the Sept. 26th debate which is sometime this week. The Sept. 26th debate will be next Monday. Not this Monday but next Monday. If Hillary drops out before the Sept. 26th debate then that would mean Trump would have no one to debate with.

Could Hillary get a last minute replacement? Possibly. There’s a lot of talk that Dems like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden or Al Gore could take over. If they can’t find a replacement for Hillary then I can see the media begging to put the election on hold so they can find a replacement which will be tough to do. The election needs to go on so Trump may have to debate by himself. Unless they get Gary Johnson as a replacement which also could be a possibility.

Anyway, if Hillary drops out then that would mean that Trump took out another candidate. He took out about 17 GOP candidates during the Primaries, watch Trump take out Hillary and it’s gonna happen.

Whether you like Trump or not, you can’t deny that what he is doing is very impressive. That’s part of why I respect the man a lot. The man is a fighter and doesn’t give up. Like I said before, no matter what the Dems try to pull, Trump is gonna win the presidency no matter what happens. It’s time to admit whether you like it or not.

Come on, guys, it can’t be that hard to see why Trump matters in America. If you think he is a bad man just because the media says so then you’re not very bright at all. Learn to think outside the box which people never do these days.

I may be a Trump fan but I don’t agree with everything he does or says but I am impressed with his candidacy though. I admire his tough guy attitude and how he doesn’t put up with anybody’s shit. You don’t see that kind of attitude with people these days. That’s the kind of president we need.

I want Trump ’cause I want jobs back. I want to be working full time jobs again which would be nice. I want the taxes down. I want Common Core to go and I want Obamacare to go. Plus, most importantly I want the borders secured and all the illegals the hell out. Trump is gonna be the best president we’ve ever had, trust me.

To those who don’t like him, I think one day you’ll realize he was the right man after all. Once you see that Trump is improving the economy and keeping us safe, maybe you’ll come around. Have a change of heart. I believe that will happen.



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