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Wow, how long have John Boehner been on the tanning bed???

There’s John Boehner at the House on Capitol Hill. Yep, he predictably makes a surprise appearance… getting lots of handshakes and hugs. Unfortunately, he still gets a lot of support on the House floor so will he get fired today? Hopefully!!! I’m crossing my fingers and praying he goes today!!!

John is looking like a creep, though. Dark skinned and way too tan. Wow! When the results are in, I’ll post about it asap.


Will John Boehner get voted out as House Speaker? I’d say yes, I think there’s a good chance conservatives will prevail once again!!!

Conservatives in America are fighting back hard at John Boehner trying to get him voted out. The House Speaker election is just around this time. Even though John Boehner claims to be Republican, even us Republicans/conservatives don’t eve like him. I’m even noticing that liberals don’t even like John Boehner so for once… we can safely say that the left and the right can agree with each other on something. The only thing though, I don’t think Boehner is a Republican. He seems to be a Democrat pretending to be Republican. That’s part of why we’re trying to get him voted out. We’re also trying to vote him out ’cause he seems to be protecting Obama. Is John Boehner Obama’s protector or enemy? Which is it? Boehner is very confusing and that’s why he needs to go.

More reasons Boehner needs to go is that he’s trying to make Obama be held accountable for his actions and all Boehner can come up with is a lawsuit over Obamacare instead of impeachment. It seems like that Boehner doesn’t want to see Obama get held accountable.

Those are the reasons why we’re all getting tired of Boehner and it’s time for him to go. I think Conservatives will prevail and it’s looking like that Boehner WILL get voted out. Plus, I think Boehner knows more about Obama’s crimes and scandals than anybody. I think Boehner knows the truth of Benghazi and he’s hiding it from all of us. He knows the truth of the IRS and NSA scandals too. He’s protecting Obama over everything that’s why he’s pretending to be Obama’s enemy.

Of course, Boehner will fight back at Obama now ’cause that’s his way of trying to get re-elected as House Speaker, nothing more. That’s why he got the Benghazi investigations going and why he sued Obama over Obamacare instead of the Illegal Immigration stuff.

Boehner have been House Speaker for too long and it’s time that we get him out and replace him with a good one. I think Louie Gohmert would be perfect. It’s time to fix Congress with a real House Speaker. Get rid of Boehner, then the next step is to get rid of Obama.

If us right-wingers prevailed the mid-term elections, we’ll prevail for the House Speaker fight as well. Just watch!!!


The Republican fight begins… Rep. Louie Gohmert throws hat in the ring to challenge Boehner for Speaker position…

Great news! In order to get rid of Obama as president, gotta rid of Boehner first. If you wanna know why nothing has been done to Obama over the years is ’cause Speaker John Boehner is Obama’s protector and lapdog. Get rid of Boehner as House Speaker, then getting rid of Obama can be possible.


I wish Louie good luck and I stand behind him totally.