Will Paul Ryan get dumped for primary election in Wisconsin today???

I still love Donald Trump and all but I disagree with him endorsing Paul Ryan as Congressman for re-election of House of Rep. today. I understand that Trump is trying to unify the GOP but endorsing Paul Ryan is not the way to go especially when Ryan is all for TPP. Ryan is also for open borders. He’s too friendly with illegal aliens and Muslims. Ryan is all for the things that Trump is fighting so hard for so it doesn’t make any sense for Trump to endorse Ryan especially when Ryan doesn’t seem to be a Trump fan.

I’m not the only Trump supporter who was disappointed in Trump endorsing Ryan, there are some other Trump supporters who are disappointed as well. I still love Trump and still on the Trump Train, though! There’s a pretty good chance that Ryan is gonna get dumped as Congressman today. If Ryan does lose the re-election as member of House of Rep. does that mean he will no longer be Speaker of the House as well? I’m not sure how that works. We could dump Ryan as House of Reps. member today but he will probably still remain as House Speaker.

Nobody likes Paul Ryan ’cause he’s Obama’s bitch and corrupted like the rest of them. Speaker Ryan needs to go.

If Speaker Ryan gets dumped today then there is hope for America.


One thought on “Will Paul Ryan get dumped for primary election in Wisconsin today???”

  1. Yes, I hope Paul Ryan gets dumped. He has proven to be a disloyal and dishonorable turncoat to his Party. Good riddance. GO NEHLEN!


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