The media hates Paul Ryan just as much, they’re only siding with him to make Trump look bad…

We all know that the media hates everything Republican and everything GOP. The media defends people like Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and other Republicans ’cause simply put, they are NeverTrumpers. The media will do anything to get Trump out of the election so the media are in bed with those who hates Trump. It’s really quite sad.

Paul Ryan’s victory today was no surprise, really. There’s still a chance to Dump Ryan, we gotta get him out as House Speaker somehow. I just read the election process of the House Speaker. Only members of the House can vote for House Speaker, not us. The House Speaker elections happens every two years. The Speaker of the House is chosen every midterm election. Paul Ryan became House Speaker in Oct. of last year so he’ll be House Speaker for two more years until the next midterm elections. It’s all up to the House members if they want to dump Ryan or not. We can still get him out somehow by getting members of the House to vote him out. I wasn’t sure how the House Speaker election process works but I just found out by doing a little reading.

Paul Ryan is corrupt. Nobody cares about the will of the people.



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