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Come on, guys, wake the hell up…



Susan Rice: “…the notion that somehow I, or anybody else in the administration misled the American people [on Benghazi] is patently false. And I think that that’s been amply demonstrated.” (Meet the Press, 2/23/14)


A friendly reminder of all the controversial things Susan said about Benghazi in 2012 when she appeared in those shows:


All this administration does is lie their heads off every time. Just more reasons to hate liberalism. I don’t know why the fuckin’ media bothers interviewing them when all they’re gonna do is lie.

This administration is protecting Obama. Obama was responsible for the attack and this administration is protecting him.

It has been discovered of Obama’s whereabouts during the Benghazi attacks after all. Obama went to bed during the attacks were happening so he could rest up before his big fundraiser in Las Vegas. Obama going to bed during Benghazi is not made up. It’s pretty verifiable as Leon Panetta confirmed during one of the hearings. So you ask, how is it possible that Obama could attack Benghazi when he went to bed? It’s easy to observe that.

Like I said before, Hillary was doing all the work and following orders. Before Obama went to bed, he could have instructed her what to do. It’s like, “Hey Hillary, here’s my plan, I want you to do this and do that, I”m going to bed ’cause I have a fundraiser to go to”. Obama going to bed should be good enough for you to see that he was totally behind the attacks.

I hate this administration. If they won’t be honest with us, then that’s gotta be suspicious, right? Something’s gotta be wrong here. There is no fuckin’ doubt that this administration is protecting and covering up for a certain someone.







BREAKING NEWS: Tom Brokaw “is” Tim Russert’s official replacement for “Meet the Press”…

Yep, I knew it! As I already predicted, it was pretty obvious NBC News were going to choose Tom Brokaw to take over Tim Russert’s place.

Tom Brokaw will host “Meet the Press” throughout the 2008 election season.

Tom Brokaw is a legendary TV figure who was the head anchor for “NBC Nightly News” for over 21 years, then retired, Brian Williams took his spot.

Reuters reports:


Perfect choice, I’m glad NBC went for Brokaw!



Report: Brian Williams takes over “Meet the Press” for now…

NBC Nightly News head anchor Brian Williams will take over Tim Russert for “Meet the Press” only for the weekend. A permament host has not been confirmed. It is not yet decided if Williams will host “Meet the Press” for the entire weekend. It could last for a couple of days.

Variety Reports:


How much do you want to bet that the permament host will be no one other than Tom Brokaw? Brokaw and Russert has been best friends for years so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Brokaw does become Russert’s official replacement. Brokaw seems like the best choice anyway.