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Donald Trump gets fired for telling the truth, yet Brian Williams still works at NBC for lying, wtf???

So let me get this straight… Donald Trump gets fired by NBC for telling the truth about something that no one else would and Brian Williams still works at NBC for lying. Liberals get mad at the Donald for speaking truth but yet, liberals defended Brian Williams for lying. Can you see the liberal bias in all of this?

Brian Williams didn’t get a termination from NBC… all he got was a suspension and NBC allowed him to work behind the scenes instead of in front of the camera. Do I take it that lying is more acceptable in America than people telling the truth? That’s the way it seems to be going in America lately. America gives liars a free pass but truth tellers get so much shit. Welcome to the new, America.

What if Hillary or Bernie Sanders said the same thing Donald Trump said about Mexicans at the border? If Hillary or Bernie brought it up, libtards would be like, “Oh, I agree with them. They are so wonderful for bringing that to our attention”. *sigh*


Hillary lied about being under sniper fire during her 1996 Bosnia visit… as usual gets no flak for it…

There’s something wrong with this country when Brian Williams gets in trouble for lying when corrupted politicians like Hillary and Barack gets no flak, no backlash, no punishment or anything like that. What’s new with Hillary though? That bitch has been lying for years much like Barack. Neither of them get in trouble for it.

I guess that’s why some political figures prefers to be Democrat ’cause it’s easier to get away with their bullshit. They can do and say whatever they want — not get into any trouble. When Republicans and Conservatives get caught lying, they’re all over the news and they’re considered the bad guys. When Democrats lie, nobody cares and they’re the good guys. Democrats have the power to get away with whatever they want to while Republicans are easily targeted as troublemakers.

When will left-wing politicians ever be held responsible for their bullshit? I’m fucking tired of it!


Brian Williams targeted for lying but Barack Obama goes off scot-free…

You know there’s something wrong with our country when a well-known news anchor gets in trouble for lying and the President of the United States gets nothing. Obama is a pathological liar but he literally got no flak for it. Barack Obama have been lying to the American people ever since he got elected president. Obama got no flak and no backlash. He goes off scot-free while Brian Williams just got suspended by NBC.

Obama have lied about too many things over the years, the list is too long… I can write a whole book about his never ending lies. Why doesn’t Barack Obama get a media backlash for lying like Brian Williams?

So Brian Williams lied over a news story on TV, who cares? Obama have been lying to our faces every day and he’s still standing. Obama lied about Benghazi, Operation F&F, his birth certificate, religion and many other things. Yet Obama never got in any trouble for any of those things. Instead, people protected him and defended him no matter the situation.

Who cares if some news anchor lied about some news story when the mainstream news as a whole have been lying to our faces from day 1.

Republicans in Government get into a lot of trouble for lying about stuff but Democrats doesn’t get the same treatment when they lie.

Fucking bullshit, all of it. Why did Brian Williams get all of this “special-attention” for lying when everyone else have been doing the same thing for years?

Our mainstream media is just a bunch of hypocritical garbage. Fuck all of it.


What do you think of the national news media now, y’all???

Like I was trying to tell y’all, I don’t watch the news anymore for a lot of reasons and all the controversy surrounding Brian Williams as of late only proves my point on how bad the media really is today. I don’t watch “NBC Nightly News” well at least I try not to, sometimes I get dragged into watching it. Do you trust the media now, do ya?

Do you believe that journalism today is now dishonest, broken and corrupted? The last thing you wanna believe is look at national news media outlets such as NBC, CNN, and CBS as credible source ’cause they are not. They never were. All liberal propaganda.

The national news media have been dishonest about the Obama administration ever since Obama got elected president. They refuse to report his criminal actions, call out his lies and his fraudulent presidency.

While it’s good that Brian Williams is getting investigated for his so-called journalism, the rest of the media needs to get investigated too. They all need to be jailed for protecting criminals and Marxists.

Brian Williams is just one of those Obama lovers trying to protect him as well.

Why would so-called news journalists lie about stories and protect other people? Well, I’m sure it helps make them more money and gives them more ratings for their news shows. That’s the only reason they lie about things, in my opinion.

While Brian Williams lied about being aboard a helicopter that was hit by an RPG, you gotta wonder how many more lies he told us through “NBC Nightly News” ever since he took over Tom Brokaw. I’m almost positive that wasn’t the only lie he told.


Edward Snowden…

I am not a big fan of Brian Williams but I’m probably gonna watch his interview with Edward Snowden tonight. It’ll be an interesting interview for sure. I believe Edward is innocent. What he did was a heroic thing. If it wasn’t for Edward then we wouldn’t have found out that the US government have been spying on us. Edward wants to come back home which is great but I think he really should stay in Russia until this administration is out of office. Why? Simply because as soon as Edward steps a foot in America, he’s probably gonna get himself arrested. The Obama administration will give Edward many years in prison just like they did with Chelsea Manning. Edward did what he did ’cause he believed in the USA and he’s a patriot just like me. Edward seems like a very nice man and he looks completely harmless too!

I’ll be watching his interview tonight. It’ll be good.


Report: Brian Williams takes over “Meet the Press” for now…

NBC Nightly News head anchor Brian Williams will take over Tim Russert for “Meet the Press” only for the weekend. A permament host has not been confirmed. It is not yet decided if Williams will host “Meet the Press” for the entire weekend. It could last for a couple of days.

Variety Reports:


How much do you want to bet that the permament host will be no one other than Tom Brokaw? Brokaw and Russert has been best friends for years so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Brokaw does become Russert’s official replacement. Brokaw seems like the best choice anyway.