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Edward Snowden will return home to the US only if he gets a fair trial…

While I still believe what Edward Snowden did was heroic and brave, I think he should stay in Russia permanently. Even if he successfully walks out of trial a free man, it’s still not gonna be safe for him here. He could end up being the next Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings or Loretta Fuddy if you know what I mean. He could be the next mysterious accident victim for Barack Obama. I would be worried about Edward’s safety here even if he was found innocent.

When Chelsea Manning was put away, I don’t think he/she whatever that person is now was given a fair trial. These two Chelsea and Edward have done some pretty heroic things for America… exposing government crimes. They should be awarded, not jailed. It’s the government who needs to be jailed, not them.



Edward Snowden…

I am not a big fan of Brian Williams but I’m probably gonna watch his interview with Edward Snowden tonight. It’ll be an interesting interview for sure. I believe Edward is innocent. What he did was a heroic thing. If it wasn’t for Edward then we wouldn’t have found out that the US government have been spying on us. Edward wants to come back home which is great but I think he really should stay in Russia until this administration is out of office. Why? Simply because as soon as Edward steps a foot in America, he’s probably gonna get himself arrested. The Obama administration will give Edward many years in prison just like they did with Chelsea Manning. Edward did what he did ’cause he believed in the USA and he’s a patriot just like me. Edward seems like a very nice man and he looks completely harmless too!

I’ll be watching his interview tonight. It’ll be good.