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So Obama and Trump seems to have buried the hatchet, I don’t like it but I still love Trump though…

So I’ve just watched Trump’s first TV interview on the Sean Hannity show on FOX News tonight. Trump’s first TV interview as a sitting president. While I liked the interview and thought it was entertaining as hell, the only thing I was disappointed in was that Trump revealed that he and Obama buried the hatchet. Trump talked about on the show that he and Obama were very aggressive in the past but once Trump got elected, I have noticed Obama and Trump has gotten friendly with each other pretty quickly.

After years of Obama and Trump being enemies, why would Trump have a change of heart with Obama after all the destruction Obama gave to the USA? Is the only reason Trump is being friendly to Obama now out of fear of losing his presidency? Or is Obama being friendly Trump to avoid getting jailed by the Trump administration? Maybe a little bit of both.

I have noticed a lot of conservatives have gotten soft on Obama too. Many conservatives out there has simmered down attacks on Obama now that Obama and Trump has buried the hatchet. I’m seeing a lot of conservatives online being upset at Manning for attacking Obama in that article. Trump stood up for Obama in that one tweet.

Trump has gotten soft on both Obama and H. Clinton which is very strange to me. I think something’s going on. Kind of like what went on when Bernie started attacking Hillary during the election and now Bernie’s all friendly with Hillary after teaming up with her. You see Barack and Hillary are very manipulative and powerful people. They will do anything to avoid getting thrown in prison. That’s why they are being friendly with Trump after losing the election to him.

Trump should NEVER go soft on Hillary and Barack. I know I wouldn’t. I don’t care what anyone says, I will always despise Hillary and Barack. I don’t care if Trump buries the hatchet with them or not. Hillary and Barack needs to be held accountable for their crimes and it seems that Trump doesn’t want to do anything to them.

Real sad. After all that work and after all these years of Trump exposing how corrupt Hillary and Barack are, he’s now friends with them all of a sudden?

Trump’s doing a good job with the country so far but once again, he should never go soft on Obama and Hillary. He needs to put them away fast. They did some bad things to the country especially Benghazi.

I’m no Chelsea Manning fan, don’t get me wrong but it is odd to me how all these conservatives are feeling sorry for Barack getting called a weak leader which is true. Chelsea brought up a good point that Obama did very little to the Democratic party. What… conservatives being friendly with Obama now just because Trump is? I will always despise Obama. I will never have a change of heart and will always hate the man.

I still love Trump, though… I just don’t agree with everything he says and does. I’m not one who defends Trump on everything. I like to keep it real, ya know?


Edward Snowden will return home to the US only if he gets a fair trial…

While I still believe what Edward Snowden did was heroic and brave, I think he should stay in Russia permanently. Even if he successfully walks out of trial a free man, it’s still not gonna be safe for him here. He could end up being the next Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings or Loretta Fuddy if you know what I mean. He could be the next mysterious accident victim for Barack Obama. I would be worried about Edward’s safety here even if he was found innocent.

When Chelsea Manning was put away, I don’t think he/she whatever that person is now was given a fair trial. These two Chelsea and Edward have done some pretty heroic things for America… exposing government crimes. They should be awarded, not jailed. It’s the government who needs to be jailed, not them.