Donald Trump gets fired for telling the truth, yet Brian Williams still works at NBC for lying, wtf???

So let me get this straight… Donald Trump gets fired by NBC for telling the truth about something that no one else would and Brian Williams still works at NBC for lying. Liberals get mad at the Donald for speaking truth but yet, liberals defended Brian Williams for lying. Can you see the liberal bias in all of this?

Brian Williams didn’t get a termination from NBC… all he got was a suspension and NBC allowed him to work behind the scenes instead of in front of the camera. Do I take it that lying is more acceptable in America than people telling the truth? That’s the way it seems to be going in America lately. America gives liars a free pass but truth tellers get so much shit. Welcome to the new, America.

What if Hillary or Bernie Sanders said the same thing Donald Trump said about Mexicans at the border? If Hillary or Bernie brought it up, libtards would be like, “Oh, I agree with them. They are so wonderful for bringing that to our attention”. *sigh*


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