Paul Feig reveals the new proton pack for all-female “Ghostbusters”…

The new proton pack is a little different than the original. Noticing that the proton pack is a lot smaller. I kind of figured they were gonna make the proton pack a little smaller so it would be less heavy for the women to walk around. Remember women are not as strong as men are so they shouldn’t be walking around with heavy proton packs. I’m sure the original proton packs were really heavy.

The plot/synopsis is still unknown at this time but I’m sure they’ll reveal it all soon.

I’m predicting that the next photo that Paul is gonna reveal are the 4 women wearing the new uniform and proton packs.

Wonder what the Ghostbusters will be driving in? I’m sure there’s gonna be a new Ghostbusters car with a new look but it’ll be similar to the original… they’ll probably give the car a new name too, I don’t think they’ll call it Ecto-1 but who knows?

I think the reason many people don’t want this movie to happen is ’cause “Ghostbusters 2” wasn’t as good and people don’t believe Hollywood could make a great Ghostbusters movie again. People also believe that it’s not Ghostbusters without the original actors.

Ya know, I think Dan Aykroyd is still gonna be involved in this movie somehow… maybe he’ll have a cameo. Maybe Bill Murray will still be in it, who knows? When it comes to Bill Murray, he never said, “yes” or “no”. Bill may have been a bit strict but like everyone else he was skeptical of the new film at first ’cause of “G-2” the second one. He just wants to make sure the script for the next one is gonna be good, that was all. Now Bill’s been giving the new all-female cast positive feedback and had a change of heart with it, who knows? Maybe Bill will have a role in it too? We’ll just have to wait and see, ya know? Maybe they will soon make the big announcement that Bill will star in it after all. We’ll have to wait and see. 🙂


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