One thought on “Coming Soon: “Never Forget Benghazi” a short film…”

  1. One thing to keep in mind when I get the full video up sometime soon is that I’m going to film this kind of like a video podcast. It’s going to be like those radio talk show hosts a little bit. Kind of like what Alex Jones and Glen Beck do, ya know? Kind of like my own podcast and that’s what it is pretty much.

    Now I have a professional sounding microphone for the Ipad… I can do my own podcasts with it now.

    I should do fine with this speech. I’ve been rehearsing it trying to make it sound good the best I can. I’m going to make myself sound real serious and intense on it. Be warned, I’m gonna raise my voice and sound angry at some parts. I have to if I want that intensity and thrill.

    I’ll choose a release date for it. I’ll make a full trailer for it soon.

    I think people will have some interest in listening to this whether you’re liberal or conservative. Can’t wait to get it up.


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