People who call out the Obama administration aren’t crazy, they’re just being gaslighted by them…

I have been saying for a long while now that the Obama administration has tricked people into thinking that they’re innocent and this administration has been successful at making the anti-Obama folks look like they’re crazy. I’ve been calling it manipulation and control… well this guy described it as “gaslighting” which is a perfect word to describe what they’re doing.

None of us are crazy at all. It’s just that this administration is trying to make it look like we are. That’s called gaslighting. Look it up.

This Bill Whittle guy is right on the money. That’s how this administration gets away with their crimes ’cause they are good at gaslighting people.

I am not crazy when I talk about all of these things about Obama. Not crazy at all. I’m not a conspiracy theorist or none of that stuff. Anybody who thinks I am is the one who is being crazy, not me.

I know exactly what I’m talking about when I talk about Obama’s crimes and stuff. Some people still think there is nothing wrong with this administration ’cause they’re too naive and they fall for their lies too easily.

I’m not alone when people call me crazy for talking about Obama’s crimes, lies, and stuff. Other anti-Obama people go through the same thing.

It’s interesting how people think it’s okay to hate on Bush and call him a war criminal and murderer but when you say that stuff about Obama — nope — people will defend him and try to shut you up. What’s wrong with this picture???


11 thoughts on “People who call out the Obama administration aren’t crazy, they’re just being gaslighted by them…”

    1. I haven’t until now and I checked out their website. They’re just a protest group trying to fix our broken government. They’re not just protesting against Obama, they’re going after our government as a whole. They want to help bring our Constitution back.


      1. They had a protest March in DC last week. They planned for a million or more people. I think a few dozen showed up.

      2. Things like that will happen when the president and the government decides to ruin our country. It’s called karma.


      3. It would be nice if a million people or more would protest in DC. That’s how blind America is. Liberals know that our government is broken… they just don’t wanna blame it all on Obama. They think it’s all Bush’s fault, lol.


      4. Yeah, of course. Anybody who believes in our country, waking up about America and knows that our government is such a mess will get my support.


      5. Great stuff, thanks!!! I love the Obama resign chants! If I ever got the opportunity I’d go to D.C. to help them protest!


      6. Oh man, I love the Christopher Stevens chant! Awesome!

        We all want answers on Benghazi and these videos is proof of that.


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