Was it Bobby Kennedy who ordered the murder of Marilyn Monroe and not actually JFK???

A new story got out today that a new book about Marilyn’s death claims that they have solved the mystery of her death. They found out that she died of lethal injection and it was Bobby Kennedy that ordered the murder. The reason they killed her was that Bobby didn’t want Marilyn making her affair with both of the Kennedy’s public and Bobby killed her to stop that from happening.

If what the new book claims turns out to be true, I wouldn’t be surprised. Keep in mind there are TONS of books out there claiming they know what happened. It would make more sense that Bobby may have wanted her dead and not JFK. I can’t see JFK doing something like this. He wouldn’t have killed innocent people but Bobby, yes. Bobby was a bit of a scum bag back in the day. Bobby cared for his brother Jack and he just didn’t want Marilyn making him look bad.

Like they were successful at that ’cause noticed how over the years there was never much evidence of Marilyn’s affair with both of the Kennedy brothers.

Some of you may say, this happened like 40 years ago, who cares? Like I always say, it doesn’t matter how long ago it was… all mysterious deaths and murders deserve to get solved. Yes, Marilyn’s death WAS mysterious so get over it. It is very possible to kill someone, make it look like a suicide and successfully get away with it.



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