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Final photos of Marilyn Monroe taken before her death surfaces online…

Final photos of Marilyn Monroe taken before her death surfaces online. They were the last modeling shots that Marilyn did with her photographer friend, George Barris. These pics prove that she was the real deal. She wasn’t a fake and a real beauty. 6 of these photos will be going up for auction next week. I’m sure these photos will be getting bid at very high pricing so it won’t be cheap. I bet these pics are very valuable. I wouldn’t be surprised that someone will buy ’em for a million dollars or more. If I had that kind of money, I would buy these photos for sure!

Looking at the photos though, you can tell by the look on her face that she’s in a bad time in her life. She maybe smiling but at the same time, you can tell that she’s sad and not happy at all.


I will always believe that the Kennedy brothers, Bobby and Jack had her murdered and they covered it up, though.

I’m the biggest Marilyn Monroe fan. I love reading about her history. Love seeing her photos and seeing her films too.


60 Years Ago Today, Marilyn Monroe filmed the famous scene from “The Seven Year Itch”…

60 years ago today, Marilyn filmed the famous subway grate scene. This is the movie that helped her become the icon that she’s always been. Not only this is one of the most famous movie scenes in America, this scene also helped make the dress that she’s wearing all famous and iconic too.

While this is a pretty cool scene, I think the entire film itself is great and one of her best films.


Happy birthday, Marilyn!!!


Marilyn may get a lot of criticism and hate today but despite all of that, I am still a huge fan of her work. I am a huge fan of her movies and she was such an inspirational lady. She still is inspirational. While a lot of her quotes inspire a lot of women to this day, her quotes inspire me too.

I fell in love with Marilyn the last time I visited Hollywood in California a few years back. I love Marilyn movies like: “Gentlemen Prefers Blondes”, “Some Like It Hot”, “Seven Year Itch”, “The Prince and the Showgirl”, “Niagra”, etc.

I’m thinking of watching a Marilyn movie or two today in celebration of her birthday!


Was it Bobby Kennedy who ordered the murder of Marilyn Monroe and not actually JFK???

A new story got out today that a new book about Marilyn’s death claims that they have solved the mystery of her death. They found out that she died of lethal injection and it was Bobby Kennedy that ordered the murder. The reason they killed her was that Bobby didn’t want Marilyn making her affair with both of the Kennedy’s public and Bobby killed her to stop that from happening.

If what the new book claims turns out to be true, I wouldn’t be surprised. Keep in mind there are TONS of books out there claiming they know what happened. It would make more sense that Bobby may have wanted her dead and not JFK. I can’t see JFK doing something like this. He wouldn’t have killed innocent people but Bobby, yes. Bobby was a bit of a scum bag back in the day. Bobby cared for his brother Jack and he just didn’t want Marilyn making him look bad.

Like they were successful at that ’cause noticed how over the years there was never much evidence of Marilyn’s affair with both of the Kennedy brothers.

Some of you may say, this happened like 40 years ago, who cares? Like I always say, it doesn’t matter how long ago it was… all mysterious deaths and murders deserve to get solved. Yes, Marilyn’s death WAS mysterious so get over it. It is very possible to kill someone, make it look like a suicide and successfully get away with it.



In response to some stupid Marilyn Monroe meme…


This facebook  meme attacking Marilyn Monroe is totally misinformed just like most facebook memes are bullshit and misinformed. It’s true that she was a drug addict/alcoholic and it’s true that she have had affairs with married men and stuff but all of her quotes that you see getting posted by women in facebook… all those Marilyn quotes aren’t really made up. Some of them maybe made up but most Marilyn quotes were taken from a lot of her interviews that she did in the past.

Love Marilyn or hate her, she still has adoring fans to this day. Not just women… men like her too. Marilyn may have had a difficult life but that doesn’t give you the right to judge and hate her. I don’t get all the Marilyn hate. People shouldn’t be judgmental of Marilyn when Elvis Presley was no different, ya know? Elvis was an addict on pills & alcohol too, and he too had affairs with married women numerous times. Still, people act like Elvis is king and they have no problem with his personal troubles.

Women still look after Marilyn ’cause her life inspires them in a way. Maybe Marilyn’s life reminds them of their own. They look after Marilyn ’cause she wants people to be happy and live a positive life. She inspires women to be strong. The same with Janis Joplin. Janis was nothing but a junkie and people respected her anyway.

I don’t get all the Marilyn hate. I’m a huge Marilyn fan and don’t feel ashamed for it either. Her life and career was inspiring to people especially her films which were more important.

She may have died years ago, yes but people just wanna help keep her legacy alive and that’s what this is all about. Anybody who treats Marilyn in  a negative direction, I’ll always defend her no matter what so don’t even try.


Plastic surgery finally confirmed on Marilyn Monroe but I’m not surprised…

For many years, it’s been a big mystery on whether or not Marilyn Monroe was a natural beauty. She pretty much was a “natural”; she only had surgery done on the tip of her nose and her chin — that was it. This has been confirmed after her plastic surgery documents been released to the public and now it’s about to get auctioned off.

If you look at her before and after photos in this article, here… you immediately notice a slight difference of her face in those photos.

I don’t care whether she had plastic surgery or not. Why does the media have to make a big deal about it? Most female stars over the years might have done plastic surgery. Even all the classic female stars from the 50’s have probably done it too. Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Jane Russell, Grace Kelley, etc.

Even male actors have done plastic surgery.

As long as you have the money and if you’re not impressed with your appearance — then why not?

I’m still a huge fan of Marilyn, and always will be.


51 years ago today, Marilyn Monroe mysteriously died…

Today, marks the 51st anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death. Her death remains unsolved even to this day. Yes, people are still trying to investigate of what happened to her but nothing. That’s probably why there was a lot of speculation that she was murdered and somebody covered it up. Of course, the blame of Marilyn Monroe’s death went to the Kennedy family. I too would say that JFK and Bobby Kennedy were responsible. Wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out to be true. It’s amazing how a famous person’s death can get left unanswered for many years. I think Marilyn’s death deserves answers too. Whether it was a suicide or murder… her death needs to get solved. She was an important lady in Hollywood whose life was taken so soon.

I like learning about Marilyn. Her life, her history, and her films. It’s just interesting stuff to me. People still love her too.


Happy 87th Birthday, Marilyn!

Happy Birthday to Marilyn Monroe who would have been 87 if she was still with us today. I had a blast watching most of her entire filmography. She still means a lot to so many people to this day because not only for her movies and her beauty, her own life can relate to all of us in so many ways. Her inspirational quotes that you see online, she just wanted people to look at life in a different way. She was a pretty powerful figure and an icon in the entertainment business. She’s more than just a movie star, she’s a part of everyone’s lives. She certainly inspired me, for sure. I love being a Marilyn fan. Love watching her films. Love studying her history and her life.

Everyone wants to look at her as a spoiled rich woman who gets what she wants but it’s not true. She was a troubled woman who was like most of us. She wasn’t perfect even though people mistakenly saw her as perfect. She had her struggles, personal problems like most of us and she was down to earth like most of us. She didn’t want to be looked at as a sex symbol either. She wanted to be an actress and an entertainer. She wanted to put smiles on people’s faces and that’s all she wanted to do.

Thanks for the inspiration and entertainment, Marilyn.


Explaining my Marilyn Monroe obsession…

Some of you may wonder what is up with my obsession with Marilyn Monroe, the legendary actress. You would see me talking a lot about her in my blog and facebook. Well, here’s the deal. My interest in Marilyn grew, since the last time I visited Los Angeles, California. I may have went to a museum in Hollywood which may have grabbed my attention about her. Since then, I just had to learn more about her. I had to watch all of her films, which I did. I pretty much watched her entire filmography, and so far, I think her best films are “Some Like It Hot”, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and “The Seven Year Itch”. I even watched all the films, that she had small cameos in.

Her life and career, is just intriguing to me. I just had to learn more about her. Her history, which is inspiring stuff. I also found her quotes inspiring. I guess I’m just researching her…but for what? Possible song idea? Maybe yes, that is part of it. I will probably end up writing a song about her at some point.

The main reason why I had to get into her ’cause if you’re going to be a big movie buff, you’re not a true movie buff if you haven’t watched any Marilyn Monroe movies. All movie buffs need to know who this woman is. Love her or hate her, she has always been an important part of Hollywood. A lot of people want to mistakenly say things like, who cares, she’s dead, move on. True, but you must know your cinema history, if you’re going to be a movie buff.

Don’t worry, though, I plan on studying other important actresses from the past too like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich,  Ava Gardner, etc. If you want to be a true and real movie buff, you have to know the classics that most people today, don’t know about.

Really, I am the biggest movie buff, that you would probably see, and I’m sure you already can tell. If anybody tried to play movie trivia games with me, everyone else would probably lose and I will win all the time.