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Look like Renee Zellweger have been under the knife…

Today, the internet have blown up over actress, Renee Zellweger’s sudden new look. People in social networking are debating about it and questioning it. They’re all like, “WTF happened to Renee Zellweger’s face?”.

Two words: PLASTIC SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Come on, people! Look like people in today’s generation can’t understand that most of their favorite movie stars have done plastic surgery that includes all the male stars. Why do you think they all look so young? Look at Joan Rivers as a perfect example.

As long as you’re rich and famous… can afford it and all, you can always look young no matter the age.

It’s a good thing Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame never touched plastic surgery. You can tell he never got it. The guy is like 80 years old and he still has wrinkles and white hair. You can tell he’s not afraid to be his real self so kudos to him!

Plastic surgery is disgusting. I can’t see how people can go through all that! Why do celebs do it? It’s simply because many of them either don’t wanna look old as they age or they are not happy with their looks. Their so delusional and insecure with themselves, it’s crazy. They’re just doing whatever it takes to look “perfect” for Hollywood.


Plastic surgery finally confirmed on Marilyn Monroe but I’m not surprised…

For many years, it’s been a big mystery on whether or not Marilyn Monroe was a natural beauty. She pretty much was a “natural”; she only had surgery done on the tip of her nose and her chin — that was it. This has been confirmed after her plastic surgery documents been released to the public and now it’s about to get auctioned off.

If you look at her before and after photos in this article, here… you immediately notice a slight difference of her face in those photos.

I don’t care whether she had plastic surgery or not. Why does the media have to make a big deal about it? Most female stars over the years might have done plastic surgery. Even all the classic female stars from the 50’s have probably done it too. Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Jane Russell, Grace Kelley, etc.

Even male actors have done plastic surgery.

As long as you have the money and if you’re not impressed with your appearance — then why not?

I’m still a huge fan of Marilyn, and always will be.


Report: Megan Fox wants to let the world know that she’s real and natural…

Most celebrity women are so fake. Most of ’em have plastic surgery, botox, or breast implants. Things like that. Megan Fox is getting fed up of being accused of having that stuff. Well she doesn’t, and the pics she just released to the internet proves it! She wants to let the world know that what you see of Megan Fox in Hollywood celebrity land, is real and natural. She’s not like most fake celebrity women.

Read more, here.

I’ve been saying for a long time that she’s pretty natural. She just works out at the gym and eat right. That’s how I think she got the hot body.

While most of hollywood is fake, there maybe like one or two celebrity women that are real, and Meg is one of them. Congrats Meg and kudos on sticking up for yourself!



Thought: Did Sly get plastic surgery done?

Looking at Sly at David Letterman’s interview and seeing him in those Comic Con videos, he obviously got plastic surgery done. The internet is already talking about it in other forums, blog sites. I’m actually agreeing with other people on the internet that Sly might have some face work done. Sly ages naturally? LOL! Plastic surgery makes them old stars look young! Maybe that’s the point of the purple sunglasses? He’s trying to hide his droopy like eyes. I’ll admit that Sly doesn’t look good anymore. His face does look kind of bad. He’ll never admit to plastic surgery no matter how many people knows about it. I’ll see if I can dig up some pics tomorrow and I’ll show you how he might of got some face work done. It’s obvious. He’s not fooling anyone.