This should be good enough to see that the Obama Admin. was totally behind the Benghazi attack…

As expected it turns out that Susan Rice was protecting the President over Benghazi and I’ve been saying it for days. Why did Susan Rice go on all those news shows to blame it on the youtube Muslim video??? It’s because she was ordered to. She was ordered to make the president look good and not blame it on his “policies” over Benghazi. Why would Ben Rhodes who is one of Obama’s assistants send out that mass e-mail to have people in the Obama admin. prepare for the Susan Rice’s “video” explanation? It’s because I bet President Obama himself ordered him to do that. This is Obama protecting himself. He was totally responsible for Benghazi and he’s using people like Susan Rice and Jay Carney to protect him.

I don’t see how people could defend Obama on this one.

We really need the full investigation going and we really need to hold Obama accountable. Hillary is blamed for this but that’s just another way of Obama protecting himself. They’re all responsible for Benghazi. This entire fucking administration. They all need to be behind bars.


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