In other “24” news… the big screen movie may still be planned despite return for the show…

Kiefer Sutherland wants to clear the confusion that the new “24” show, “Live Another Day” will have nothing to do with their big screen movie that they have been planning for many years. Since the announcement of this show, fans have wondered if they’re still planning their big screen movie and I wondered that myself. Now we know! Kiefer says that they still have the script for the big screen movie and he also says the story is very different from “Live Another Day”. So don’t rule out the big screen movie just yet! It’s still a possibility. “Live Another Day” could open doors for a big screen film and a possible reboot.

Read this interesting article on where the guys give brief hints on the plot for “Live Another Day” as well.

Does Kiefer ever get tired of playing Jack Bauer? Apparently not. He seems to have no problem spending most of his life playing the same character ’cause he maybe a big fan of Jack Bauer just as the rest of us.

And like I’ve been saying, this “Live Another Day” show is just a test to see if it does well enough for them to do the big screen movie. If this show does well in the ratings then they’ll go ahead with the big screen film or reboot. I prefer the big screen film over the reboot, though.


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