Did the Golden Globes pay tribute to a child molester??

It appears that Ronan Farrow doesn’t get along with his father Woody Allen too well at all as Ronan just ripped his father on twitter calling him a child molester while they were paying tribute to him at the Golden Globe awards. Even Mia Farrow went on the action.

I absolutely believe that Woody Allen could be a pedophile as he had relationships with underage women in his past and he even married a 16 year old once.

This is why I can’t stand award shows anymore. I tried to watch the Golden Globes a little bit but turned it off.

Woody Allen maybe a talented film maker but the guy’s a sick pervert who can’t seem to date women his own age. People like Woody Allen and Roman Polanski shouldn’t be allowed to work in film.

After seeing Ronan’s twitter, he doesn’t seem to be a big fan of President Obama either. He’s ripping Obama like crazy so for that reason alone, he earned a follow from me.

I’m glad I didn’t watch the Golden Globes last night as I heard it was a disastrous show anyways.



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