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Woody Allen started dating Mia Farrow’s adoptive daughter Soon Yi when she was underage? Seems so…

Mia Farrow discovered in 1992 that Woody Allen was dating Mia’s adopted daughter when Soon Yi was 21 at the time. At that time they were dating for over 10 years. If you do the math that means that Woody probably started dating Soon Yi when she was underage. Obviously Woody and Soon Yi are still together.


Woody Allen is a creepy and perverted old man. I understand that age doesn’t make a difference but how young is too young is the question? Woody likes young girls, too young in fact.

This was partly Mia’s fault ’cause she could have been a better Mom to Soon Yi to begin with. She should have kept a better eye out for Soon Yi. I wouldn’t be surprised that Woody may have molested Mia’s others adoptive kids too.

Why isn’t Woody in prison? Is it because of fame, money and power? That’s probably it. Woody Allen maybe a talented film maker and actor but that guy is a freak in real life. He always had a thing for young girls so it’s probably nothing new with him. He probably never cared it was illegal or not.


Is Woody Allen a pedophile and child predator???

Woody Allen’s adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow, just came forward in a letter that her film director father molested her at the age of 7. While I’m sure this story is getting mixed responses… some think that Woody is a child predator and some even thinks he’s innocent. Well, I think I do believe Dylan and support her so I’m on her side. Why would she make something like this up? I absolutely believe that Woody could be a pedophile. Over the years in his life, he always dated young women. Women that were too young… they were mostly underage women and he even married one of his own adoptive daughters.

Woody Allen is a sick freak who can’t be with women his own age. It’s understandable how some men prefer to date young women but not too young. It’s not only that Woody and Roman Polanski are a huge problem. Pedophilia has always been a huge problem for years in Hollywood. The movie business needs to be investigated and this needs to get stopped.

I never really liked Woody Allen’s movies to begin with. Why would Woody date women this young? Well, I think that something may have happened in his childhood that made him get into it. I’ve read that he didn’t have a very good childhood and he didn’t get along well with his parents at all back in the day so maybe that’s a small part of it.

The question is, why is the Farrow family trying to bring this to the people’s attention now when they should have years ago? They just want people to wake up that’s all. They don’t want to see Hollywood and movie fans supporting a film director who maybe a pedophile. Some may say Woody should be left alone but in this day and age with the way Hollywood media is, celebrities will always get exposed for something the more famous they get. That’s how it works. It’s called karma. Your past will always come back to ya no matter how long ago it was, ya know?

I can’t blame the Farrow family and they’re doing a good thing. They just want us to watch out who we support. After Dylan Farrow, I have a feeling that more victims will come forward… just wait…


Did the Golden Globes pay tribute to a child molester??

It appears that Ronan Farrow doesn’t get along with his father Woody Allen too well at all as Ronan just ripped his father on twitter calling him a child molester while they were paying tribute to him at the Golden Globe awards. Even Mia Farrow went on the action.

I absolutely believe that Woody Allen could be a pedophile as he had relationships with underage women in his past and he even married a 16 year old once.

This is why I can’t stand award shows anymore. I tried to watch the Golden Globes a little bit but turned it off.

Woody Allen maybe a talented film maker but the guy’s a sick pervert who can’t seem to date women his own age. People like Woody Allen and Roman Polanski shouldn’t be allowed to work in film.

After seeing Ronan’s twitter, he doesn’t seem to be a big fan of President Obama either. He’s ripping Obama like crazy so for that reason alone, he earned a follow from me.

I’m glad I didn’t watch the Golden Globes last night as I heard it was a disastrous show anyways.



The Brock’s Horror Film Pick #16: Rosemary’s Baby

I haven’t seen much of Roman Polanski’s work, other than films like, “Chinatown”, “The Pianist”, “The Ninth Gate”, but I think “Rosemary’s Baby” was his best flick. Mia Farrow’s role in this movie was pretty amazing stuff. It’s also a pretty creepy as hell film. It’s about a couple who move into an apartment, only to be surrounded by peculiar neighbors. The wife becomes pregnant, and paranoia over the safety of her unborn child begins controlling her life. I haven’t seen this film in a long time but would like to watch it again.