Woody Allen started dating Mia Farrow’s adoptive daughter Soon Yi when she was underage? Seems so…

Mia Farrow discovered in 1992 that Woody Allen was dating Mia’s adopted daughter when Soon Yi was 21 at the time. At that time they were dating for over 10 years. If you do the math that means that Woody probably started dating Soon Yi when she was underage. Obviously Woody and Soon Yi are still together.


Woody Allen is a creepy and perverted old man. I understand that age doesn’t make a difference but how young is too young is the question? Woody likes young girls, too young in fact.

This was partly Mia’s fault ’cause she could have been a better Mom to Soon Yi to begin with. She should have kept a better eye out for Soon Yi. I wouldn’t be surprised that Woody may have molested Mia’s others adoptive kids too.

Why isn’t Woody in prison? Is it because of fame, money and power? That’s probably it. Woody Allen maybe a talented film maker and actor but that guy is a freak in real life. He always had a thing for young girls so it’s probably nothing new with him. He probably never cared it was illegal or not.


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