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Report: James Cameron starts feud with “Piranha 3D” producer over criticism of 3D…

James Cameron did an interview with “Vanity Fair” magazine, slamming the new “Piranha 3D” film that just came out. James says that horror films of today shouldn’t be in 3D, and compares “Piranha 3D” to classic 80’s horror like Friday the 13th. It didn’t take long for the film makers of “Piranha 3D” to respond, because producer, Mark Canton fires back at James Cameron in an open letter.

Mark’s letter wasn’t nasty, there were no name calling as you can see, it was nicely written and professional. It’s just a polite way of saying to Jimmy Cameron to stop being an ego-driven douche.

I agree with Mark totally that Cameron didn’t invent 3D film. Cameron only helped bring 3D films back into the mainstream.

I don’t see this being the end of this feud as Cameron would probably respond back in the next couple of days.


Top 10 Movies that are so bad, they’re good…

With the release of “Piranha 3D”, I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I am interested in seeing it though. I thought I would celebrate the film by naming my top 10 choices of movies  that are so bad, that they’re good. You know, films that you know are terrible but you end up liking them anyway.

Here is my top 10 in no particular order:

  • Bruce Campbell’s “Army of Darkness” – Everyone knows this was horribly made but it’s a good film at the same time. It was entertaining and funny. That’s all it is. I’m a huge fan of the Evil Dead series and I’m a big fan of this movie too.
  • Zoolander – The Ben Stiller comedy had a lot of hate, but I actually liked it!! It was a pretty good movie and well written too. This film is one of my guilty pleasures for sure!
  • U.H.F. – The “Weird” Al Yankovic comedy didn’t do well in box office, it also got a lot of hate but I always loved this film. It’s one of my favorite comedies from the 80’s. I always laugh at it everytime I watched it. I would never get bored of this movie.
  • Masters of the Universe – Yep, the Dolph Lundgren star of the He-man movie, I thought wasn’t a bad film at all.
  • G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra – Many people thought the new G.I. Joe movie was pretty bad, but I actually liked the film. The action was fun and the movie was entertaining in my opinion and I look forward to the sequel too!
  • Bubba Ho Tep – Another Bruce Campbell horror/comedy movie in which he plays an Elvis impersonator and he fights an Egyptian mummy in it. Classic film and gives you some good laughs.
  • Ernest Goes to Jail – I have always loved the Ernest P. Worrell character and I thought this was the best Ernest film. Told a good story and I thought it was funny as hell all the way through! This movie will give you the LOL’s. I wish Hollywood would reboot the Ernest movies with somebody else playing the character, but that would be kind of tough since most Ernest movies were straight to DVD releases. Besides, I don’t think Jim Varney could be replaced ’cause only he could play that character, RIP Jim.
  • Star Trek “Nemesis” – A lot of people called it the worst Star Trek film, but I disagree. I thought it was pretty good. It was a perfect closing to the Next Generation series.
  • Rocky V – A lot of people called it the worst of the Rocky movies, but again, I disagree. It’s not as bad as a lot of people made it out to be. In the film’s defense, I liked how it was different than the other Rocky films. I also liked the street fight idea.
  • Stephen King’s “Dreamcatcher” – Critics hated it, fans hated it, but guess what folks? I actually thought the film was pretty good! The story followed the book pretty nicely. It may have a whacky story but hey, that’s Stephen King. Most of his stories are whacky as hell anyways, but most importantly, the film tells a serious story about Mr. Gray which a lot of people didn’t get about the film.

I didn’t put “Showgirls” on the list ’cause I find that film a bit overrated. There’s the list, enjoy!