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Report: Metallica’s 3D movie, “Through The Never” to hit Imax theaters…

Metallica’s 3D live-concert movie, “Through The Never”, will be hitting Imax theaters all across North America, during the week of September 27th. The regular release of the film will be hitting theaters nationwide, Oct. 4th. The concert filmed in the movie was the three day concert in Vancouver, last August. The concert will feature: pyrotechnics, floating coffins, and planned malfunctions. Of course, I’m sure the concert will feature all kinds of unique stage lights and smoke machines to help give the 3D effects. Maybe the movie will even show backstage footage and interviews with the band, who knows.

More on the story, here.

As a die-hard Metallica myself, I’m really looking forward to this.The band is probably getting a lot of haters accusing the band of doing this for a quick cash-grab or being sell-outs, but angry fans call the band sell-outs on pretty much everything they do. After a 30 long year career, releasing 9 successful studio albums — yes, St. Anger, Load, and Re-load were very successful albums — , and being the biggest live-selling band in the history of music; the band deserves this film.

I’ve always stayed loyal to Metallica. Even stood by them for the “St. Anger”, “Load”, and “Re-load” stuff. I don’t feel ashamed of enjoying those albums ’cause they are good albums, if you give them a chance. Metallica is just like every other band, ya know? They just want to change and evolve. Bands don’t like staying in the same style of music so they need to be diverse and versatile. “St. Anger” may have been the band’s most hated album, but I’m probably one of the very few who actually loved it. It’s a pretty sick album if you actually listen to it. The album has some of James’s best rhythm playing and singing.

Love Metallica or hate them… they are the kings of metal, no matter what you think of them. I too am hoping they will start working on their 10th album if they’ll ever get to it. This band is not about pleasing everyone for sure. They’re not afraid to do what they want to do, not giving a shit about what anyone else thinks. That’s why Metallica still has my respect.

I’m looking forward to this movie and will be there to see it if it’s playing in my local mall.


Report: Indiana Jones rumoured to be re-released in 3D???

After the not so surprising announcement that LucasFilm plans to re-release all 6 Star Wars films into 3D versions in the near future, Lucas also plans to do the same with all 4 Indiana Jones films.

The rumour came from this site, here.

I honestly think, seeing “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in 3D would be badass. I always thought that would be a great 3D movie, but the rest of the Indy movies, I wouldn’t see in 3D, just “Raiders”. Plus, it would be badass to see “Raiders” on the big screen for the first time, since I never got to see it when it first came out. It’s my favorite Indy movie of them all.


Report: Expect plenty more 3D videogames on the way…

Ubisoft video game company predicts that the future of video games will hit hard with 3D video games within two years. While 3D had hit movies with theaters really hard, it hasn’t yet came to the video gaming world. It will soon. The “Avatar” video game was in 3D, but didn’t sell very well. The video game industry will probably re-release old titles to 3D and upcoming new games in 3D as well. This will happen to all video game consoles: X-box 360, Ps3, and possibly the Nintendo Wii. I’ve been wondering if 3D videogames will come ’cause it will be cool to sit there playing videogames with 3D glasses on. Can’t wait for this to start happening!

More on it here:



Report: Phish to go 3D in April…they will hit the big screen in theaters, not the concert stage…

With all these 3D movies coming out in theaters, now the music world is jumping the 3D movie bandwagon! Phish will be releasing their 3 day Halloween festival they played at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. The movie, “Phish 3D” will be released in theaters. Not sure if it’s going to be played everywhere or in selected theaters, but if it’s shown in Albany, I’ll see it. The Phish 3D movie will be released sometime in April.

Oh man, seeing a Phish Halloween concert in 3D would be very trippy! Looking forward to it!