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Thought: Sorry, but James Cameron does NOT deserve the Oscar spotlight this year….Kathryn Bigelow deserves it more!!!

I’ve said it once before and will say it again! “Avatar” was okay, but nothing amazing or all that special! “Avatar” IS NOT Oscar worthy. Although I have a feeling that James Cameron will once again sweep everything, money and power will do that, I think it’s safe to say that Kathryn Bigelow deserves the Oscar spotlight more than anything else that’s out now.

“The Hurt Locker” is such an amazing, and phenomenal movie. Everything about “The Hurt Locker”, is so perfect. The filming, the writing, the acting, etc. All of it.

Quentin Tarantino for “Inglourious Basterds” would be my 2nd choice to get the Oscar spotlight.

James Cameron doesn’t even belong in it. “The Hurt Locker” is one of the best new war movies I’ve seen in a long time. If James Cameron didn’t release “Avatar” and waited longer, I’m sure Tarantino or Bigelow would get their chance instead.

Oscar nominations will be revealed next Tuesday so it might be a little different than the Golden Globes. If “Avatar” doesn’t win for “Best Picture” this year and something else wins, I’ll be shocked and happy. It’s most likely this will be James Cameron’s year again.


Report: James Cameron buries the hatchet with fan…


Remember the fight James Cameron got into with the fan at LAX airport? Where they shouted at each other and calling each other “assholes”? Well Cameron spotted the guy hanging at the Beverly Hills Hotel and decided to make peace with the fan that wanted an autograph. Although they seem to be friends now, I think the only reason Cameron did it was that he was too excited for his big Golden Globe win for “Best Director/Best Picture” of “Avatar”. He wanted to show some heart.

I think a director like Cameron, sometimes he’s on his good days and he’s on his bad days. Maybe back at the LAX airport incident, he was just having a lousy day which he didn’t feel like dealing with fans that night. His Golden Globe wins made Cameron a happier guy.



Another thought about the James Cameron vs. The Fan controversy…

I jus thought of something else, about the James Cameron vs. The Fan controversy at LAX. Even if the fan was going to sell the poster on E-bay or whatever for extra money, so what. That’s not that big of a deal either. Whether or not it’s a die hard fan or just an autograph hound out to make money, James should still be flattered and sign the autograph anyway. Even if the poster gets  sold on E-bay or whatever, it still should be flattering that your work is being appreciated.

I mean, if I was a famous person, I know I’m not, but if I was, I would sign any autograph that people shove in my face. Even if it gets sold on e-bay, it’s still good appreciation and good promotion of yourself and your work. Whether the poster guy was a fan or not, it doesn’t make him an asshole for begging for an autograph. Famous people deal with that all the time, everywhere you go. What makes James an asshole is that his huge ego got in the way, he thinks he’s more famous than signing his name on merchandise.

The poster fan guy had every right to ask a celebrity for an autograph ’cause this is a free country. When celebrities show themselves in the public it gives the public the right to pursue them for an autograph. When celebs refuse to sign, it makes them a rude person. Period.


Report: John Mayer defends James Cameron on his blog…

Rock and blues musician, John Mayer, wrote on his blog, defending director James Cameron. Spoke about the controversy at LAX airport about the asshole verbal dispute against the fan that wanted his “Avatar” poster signed.


The world of fame can be fun but can be a tough life. If celebs don’t want to be noticed in public, then why be out in public? James went to the airport showing his face for the whole world to see, so of course he was going to get bombarded by paps and fans.

John Mayer is just as delusional as James Cameron is. Is John a celebrity or a musician? It seems he is trying to plug himself as a media celebrity, more than a musician. He’s a talented guitar player, he’s very good…but John’s going to kill his music career if he keeps getting caught in this celebrity gossip. In fact, John’s career has already been dead.


Not A Cool Video: James Cameron gets into a verbal dispute at LAX airport…

TMZ just posted an incredible video of James Cameron at LAX airport in Los Angeles. A fan somehow knew that James Cameron was getting off a plane at LAX so he decided to wait for him with an “Avatar” poster for him to sign. As Cameron walks by the fan, the fan simply asks him for an autograph in a polite tone, but Cameron refused.

Cameron started swearing at the fan, so the fan stuck up for himself by saying he works hard for his day job to see his film, making a clear point that fans help make celebrities rich.

See the video here:


If anybody finds Cameron being an asshole a surprise, then why are you surprised? This is Hollywood. Every movie star or director are different people. Not every famous person is going to be nice.

Why do celebrities act very nice and polite on TV interviews and yet they are mean pricks in public? It’s because it’s the celebs job to keep their profesionalism on public TV. Just because famous people are an icon and so famous, doesn’t mean they’ll be nice and friendly.

Do you think Steven Spielberg is always a nice guy? No, definitely not. Steven Spielberg is also difficult with autographs and photos with fans. What about Clint Eastwood? I’m sure Eastwood doesn’t fuck around with anybody on the director’s chair and he can be mean on the job too.

Every famous person is different. Some can be very nice and friendly, some can be assholes.

So if you’re a big fan of a famous person’s work and idolize them as a huge die hard fan, if you’re dying to meet your hero in person, don’t always expect them to be nice.

Hell, I’ll admit that Sylvester Stallone just might be an asshole, but I know he’s not. I know he’s very good with his fans. As he actually replies to his fans through fan websites such as Stallonezone and Aint It Cool News. Plus, Sly is very good with autographs and photos with fans. I’ve never met Sly in person yet but from the looks of him on the internet, he seems like a very nice guy. What about Arnold? Do you think Arnold is a nice guy? The Governator may seem like it, but he can be a very difficult person too. Every hollywood celebrity is different. They’re humans just like us. They all have different emotions and feelings.

So if you meet a celebrity and if they turn out to be a huge DICK to you over an autograph or a photo, don’t take it personal. I personally think it would be awesome to get yelled at by a famous person.

I give the fan kudos for sticking up for himself against James Cameron. James tried to make the fan look like he was a little kid, but the fan stepped up and made James look like an idiot in front of everyone. Merry Christmas, James. NOT. You’re the king of the nobodies.


Film Review: Avatar

Starring: Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoey Saldana

Directed by: James Cameron

Just got back from seeing Cameron’s “Avatar”, here is my review:

Plot/Synopsis: Sam Worthington plays a former U.S. marine named, Jake Scully, who is paralyzed from the waist down. He is stuck on a wheelchair for life. Jake is selected to participate in a science experiment that was held by the Marines, in the Avatar program, to replace his twin brother Tony, whose Avatar is compatible with him too.

Jake was ordered to travel to planet Pandora which is a planet that is full of unique life forms. On it, are these blue colored people called, the Na’vi, which are controlled by actual humans by experiment.

Instead of following orders of the Avatar experiment by the Marines, Jake becomes obsessively attracted with these Na’vi people and becomes part of them himself. He falls in love with a female, Na’vi named, Neytiri (Zoey Saldana). Now that Jake had betrayed the Marines…the Marines decides to destroy Pandora and it’s people, while Jake does his best to help the Na’vi people survive.

When movie critics and fans say that this movie is like a “live action video game”, I’m going to have to agree with them. It does seem like a “live action video game”, indeed. Pretty much the whole movie felt like a video game. When it comes to the action scenes, the hero needs to survive like a video game, when the action scenes get over with, it goes to a cut movie scene like a video game. It’s like that throughout the whole movie.

Especially the final fight scene at the end of the movie when Col. Quaritch (the film’s villain played by Stephen Lang) fights Jake Scully at the end of it. Quaritch gets into this huge robotic machine to fight Jake as the Na’vi. The robotic machine felt like it came from “Transformers” or the, “Metal Gear Solid” video games.

Is James Cameron a big video gamer himself? It seems that he is, ’cause it seems like he is borrowing a lot from action/adventure type of games. I felt like this movie was too much, “Terminator”, it definitely had a lot of “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” in it, and too much, “Metal Gear Solid”.

Like usual, there is also a bit of romance in this movie ’cause everyone knows Cameron is a romance nut too.

I was most impressed with the film’s special effects and cinematography. I also loved the musical score and the action scenes were kind of fun. I must say that Christmas time was a bad time to release this, ’cause this was more of a summer movie. It is definitely a popcorn action fest.

Is it worthy for “Best Picture” of the Oscars? Definitely not. The writing needs to be better ’cause the plot was kind of cheesy. The acting of the cast was ok, but I am glad that Sigourney Weaver and Cameron reunited. This isn’t a cameo for Signourney, she is pretty much part of the lead, she was in the movie throughout. Michelle Rodriguez had a small role in the flick which was entertaining.

I can see this film winning Oscar awards for Special Effects and the Cinematography categories definitely. Other than that, the film was pretty good, exceptionally entertaining. It doesn’t make my top 5 best films of the year for 2009 though, I can tell ya that. This is nothing I would see again or buy on DVD. I did like the film though.

Cameron plans to make this a trilogy as he already confirmed for us online. It will definitely be a trilogy ’cause the ending left open for another film. I hope the sequels will be better.

Score for “Avatar” – *** 3 stars as in good


Report: James Cameron to reunite with Arnold for another film?

Will James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger do another film together when the Governator is done with office? James Cameron himself said the two are talking about it.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


It may not be a Terminator movie, but maybe a different action/sci fi movie. Or even better, “True Lies 2”? 🙂


James Cameron’s Top 5 best films in his career…

In celebration of “Avatar” being released in theaters, finally, after all these years. The film hits theaters, Dec. 18th, I wanted to name my top five favorite James Cameron films ever made.

Here they are:

  1. The Terminator – I’ve always loved the first Terminator more than the 2nd one. Arnie, the villain Terminator is way cool and I find him being the good guy, kind of overrated.
  2. The Abyss – I’ve always loved this film to death. I’ve seen it too many times. Ed Harris’s best role. This film, in my opinion, has Cameron’s best special effects.
  3. T2 – Judgement Day – Always a classic. It’s one of those films you can never get tired of watching ever and you always have fun watching it no matter what.
  4. Aliens – I think this is the best Alien film of the series.
  5. True Lies – Not his best work but it’s great action entertainment, Arnie is a badass in this role too.


Thought: 82nd Annual Oscars 2010, will that be James Cameron’s year???

For the 82nd Annual Oscar Awards in 2010, we all know there will be 10 films nominated instead of the usual 5 this year. I know it’s too early to predict what the nominations will be for the 10 films. I don’t know what films will get nominated but we all know that Jimmy Cameron’s “Avatar” and Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds” will make it in.

Who knows, maybe even Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” will get a nomination for “Best Picture” as well.

I have this feeling that this will be another year for Jimmy Cameron at the Oscars, again. “Avatar” will sweep everything at the Oscars.

I know a lot of people are hoping Tarantino will get his first shot at winning an Oscar but don’t get too excited yet. Jimmy Cameron is back on the big screen, so he’ll overshadow everything at the Oscars.

Don’t get me wrong, I think “Avatar” looks like a wonderful film, I’m dying to see it myself and can’t wait for it, but I don’t want Jimmy Cameron to win big again.

It is time to pass the torch to Tarantino, he deserves his chance, he’ll get nominated for sure, but it’s unlikely he’ll win. 😦


Thought: Defending Jimmy Cameron’s “Avatar”…

As expected, a lot of movie fans are shitting on this movie. Some fans are saying this movie looks cheesy, cartoonish, too much CGI, etc. blah blah blah…

Well, yeah, of course it has to be full of CGI and of course it’s supposed to look a bit cartoonish. It’s a sci fi adventure. How do you supposed to make all that stuff look realistic? YOU CAN’T.

The story of Avatar reminds me of the works of other sci fi greats such as Isaac Asimov and L. Ron Hubbard.

To those who think the film looks cheesy or silly, like a CGI fest, it gets me thinking you’re not that big on sci-fi that much. It’s like, you don’t know much about the sci fi genre. Well, I love the sci fi genre, it’s one of my favorite genres to pay attention to, other than action and horror.

Believe it or not, Jimmy Cameron has been working on this film since 1995. 1995 was the year when he first wrote the script. It took him years to make this movie as it was very difficult and hard work to mix live action and CGI both together.

Although, Jimmy wrote the script to “Avatar” in the early 90’s, he waited until later until the right technology was invented for the right fit and look of this film. Now the right technology finally came out, he figured it was time to get it done.

It took 14 years for Jimmy to make this film, just like it took many years for Tarantino to make “Inglorious Basterds”.

We’re all entitled to our own opinions when it comes to movies, but show Jimmy some respect after years of long and hard work making this film. Don’t bash the film before seeing the movie, it’s silly, see it first, and then make your opinion.

I think the film looks wonderful. Jimmy has been experimenting with live action and CGI for a long time…movies like “The Abyss” and “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”.

In sci fi stories, they are supposed to be weird and cheesy. Like in “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” for example. Many sci fi stories and films are cheesy and goofy, but you know what? It’s just a fictional story! I find sci fi to be the most creative writing and original storytelling than any other genre out there.

Jimmy Cameron’s “Avatar” is an original story that he created. It’s not a remake, not an adaptation of a novel and it’s not even a sequel of another movie. It’s completely original. People complain about those things. So Cameron, finally brings us “Avatar” after 14 years in the making, yet people are still complaining about Hollywood. What gives, hypocrites?

I don’t know what movie fans want anymore.

I personally think, the only reason people are shitting on “Avatar” ’cause Jimmy is the director of that overrated film, “Titanic”. If Jimmy never made “Titanic”, I’m sure everybody would treat “Avatar” with respect.