Thought: Defending Jimmy Cameron’s “Avatar”…

As expected, a lot of movie fans are shitting on this movie. Some fans are saying this movie looks cheesy, cartoonish, too much CGI, etc. blah blah blah…

Well, yeah, of course it has to be full of CGI and of course it’s supposed to look a bit cartoonish. It’s a sci fi adventure. How do you supposed to make all that stuff look realistic? YOU CAN’T.

The story of Avatar reminds me of the works of other sci fi greats such as Isaac Asimov and L. Ron Hubbard.

To those who think the film looks cheesy or silly, like a CGI fest, it gets me thinking you’re not that big on sci-fi that much. It’s like, you don’t know much about the sci fi genre. Well, I love the sci fi genre, it’s one of my favorite genres to pay attention to, other than action and horror.

Believe it or not, Jimmy Cameron has been working on this film since 1995. 1995 was the year when he first wrote the script. It took him years to make this movie as it was very difficult and hard work to mix live action and CGI both together.

Although, Jimmy wrote the script to “Avatar” in the early 90’s, he waited until later until the right technology was invented for the right fit and look of this film. Now the right technology finally came out, he figured it was time to get it done.

It took 14 years for Jimmy to make this film, just like it took many years for Tarantino to make “Inglorious Basterds”.

We’re all entitled to our own opinions when it comes to movies, but show Jimmy some respect after years of long and hard work making this film. Don’t bash the film before seeing the movie, it’s silly, see it first, and then make your opinion.

I think the film looks wonderful. Jimmy has been experimenting with live action and CGI for a long time…movies like “The Abyss” and “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”.

In sci fi stories, they are supposed to be weird and cheesy. Like in “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” for example. Many sci fi stories and films are cheesy and goofy, but you know what? It’s just a fictional story! I find sci fi to be the most creative writing and original storytelling than any other genre out there.

Jimmy Cameron’s “Avatar” is an original story that he created. It’s not a remake, not an adaptation of a novel and it’s not even a sequel of another movie. It’s completely original. People complain about those things. So Cameron, finally brings us “Avatar” after 14 years in the making, yet people are still complaining about Hollywood. What gives, hypocrites?

I don’t know what movie fans want anymore.

I personally think, the only reason people are shitting on “Avatar” ’cause Jimmy is the director of that overrated film, “Titanic”. If Jimmy never made “Titanic”, I’m sure everybody would treat “Avatar” with respect.


2 thoughts on “Thought: Defending Jimmy Cameron’s “Avatar”…”

  1. “AVATAR” would be a killer band name!
    I would totally name my band AVATAR and play leads in the faces of sleeping old men at my shows at Valentine’s!

    I really look forward to all of JIMMY’s “FILMS.” Maybe Linda Hamilton or Arnold will make a cameo. I think LEO is probably too big and famous for JIMMY these days, though.

    People are too snobby and have to call everything “cheesy” because they think they’re better than everyone. My boss at the construction site always tells me “nothing’s easy when you’re cheesy” because we’re always fixing the s**tty work those Nicaraguan immigrants do all the time. JIMMY Cameron is definitely not Nicaraguan and therefore not cheesy.

    I kinda got out of trying to do chin ups and stuff like you. I hope you didn’t quit like I did.


    1. Linda and Arnold do not cameo in “Avatar”, but I do know that Sigourney Weaver has a small part in the film as she already worked with Cameron for “Aliens”.


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