James Cameron’s Top 5 best films in his career…

In celebration of “Avatar” being released in theaters, finally, after all these years. The film hits theaters, Dec. 18th, I wanted to name my top five favorite James Cameron films ever made.

Here they are:

  1. The Terminator – I’ve always loved the first Terminator more than the 2nd one. Arnie, the villain Terminator is way cool and I find him being the good guy, kind of overrated.
  2. The Abyss – I’ve always loved this film to death. I’ve seen it too many times. Ed Harris’s best role. This film, in my opinion, has Cameron’s best special effects.
  3. T2 – Judgement Day – Always a classic. It’s one of those films you can never get tired of watching ever and you always have fun watching it no matter what.
  4. Aliens – I think this is the best Alien film of the series.
  5. True Lies – Not his best work but it’s great action entertainment, Arnie is a badass in this role too.


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