BREAKING NEWS: Steven Spielberg pulls out of “Harvey” remake…

First, Spielberg is no longer doing “Old Boy” with Will Smith. Next, Spielberg pulls out of directing the “Harvey” remake after spending about a year putting the project together. He was trying to find the film’s leading star that Jimmy Stewart once played from the original.

Spielberg tried asking Tom Hanks to star in the leading role but Tom wanted no part in it at all. It’s either Tom didn’t like the idea of remaking the film or he isn’t willing to play any of Jimmy Stewart’s characters or a little bit of both. Spielberg’s second choice was Robert Downey Jr., but even Robert knows the project sucks too. Robert begged for re-writes of the script but the studios wouldn’t take his idea. This is what made Spielberg drop out of the project for good.

Variety Reports:

Not only hollywood studios are sometimes difficult on Spielberg, even the actors can be too.

It’s really quite simple folks, actors and actresses will not agree to star in a film, no matter how iconic of a director he is. The script must be good enough for the cast to agree to it.

I’m tired of Spielberg getting on the sequels and remakes bandwagon. I know he can do something original.


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