I finally saw the first bad movie of 2019… Sorry “Terminator: Dark Fate”…

Well yesterday afternoon, I went to the mall so I can get a haircut and I decided to see a movie just to kill some time. Since I’m a pretty big Terminator fan and seen most Terminator films in theater, I decided to see the new “Terminator: Dark Fate” since there was nothing else interesting playing. The “Joker” movie stopped playing in theaters now so I’m gonna have to wait for BluRay release on that one.

So far, I loved all the Terminator movies… yes I even thought “Terminator: Salvation”, “Rise of the Machines” and “Genisys” were all great but finally they made a Terminator film that I absolutely hated so much. Yup, “Terminator: Dark Fate” was terrible. The first Terminator film that I thought was garbage and a piece of trash. Yes, it was that bad.

Why was “Dark Fate” terrible? Well for starters they overdid the CGI with this one and it felt like I was watching a cartoon. Yes, the previous Terminator films were loaded with CGI but the earlier films did a good job with CGI and made it realistic looking. The CGI was pretty bad in “Dark Fate”. I also thought the writing and the script was a complete mess and the acting was terrible.

It may seemed exciting that Linda Hamilton came back to reprise her role as the original Sarah Connor but even Linda played the character so badly. Linda is almost 65 and she hasn’t done a movie for the big screen in many years from what I remember. I don’t think she has the acting talent anymore and I thought she was boring in the film.

And of course, we didn’t get much of Arnold either… he only did a few big action scenes and that was it.

Another big reason it sucked so much is that it’s another feminist movie. It screamed “feminism” all over it absolutely. This “Dark Fate” movie had women all over it and all it did was make men look bad. No wonder people has been turning away from Hollywood ’cause the movie industry is so obsessed with feminism and ramming it down our throats.

I know Terminator movies over the years keep getting negative to positive reviews but finally I gave in and thought the latest Terminator film sucked hard. It’s such a shame ’cause I’m a big Terminator fan and the franchise was a big part of my childhood.

The first two films: “The Terminator” with Linda and Michael Biehn and “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” will always be classic films. Those two films are masterpieces and essentials. No other Terminator film will top them. James Cameron definitely ruined Terminator and it’s sad. It’s hard to make a great Terminator film and I think they should hang up the series for good.

I don’t think I’ll buy this one once it comes out on BluRay.


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