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New Chucky film, “Cult of Chucky” is gonna be a straight to video release… why???

Well the trailer for “Cult of Chucky” is here and it looks great! Remember that little kid from “Child’s Play 1 & 2”? His name was Andy Barclay, well he’s back too and he’s a full grown man in this one. Andy Barclay was played by the same actor, Alex Vincent. I believe this film is a continuation of “Child’s Play 2″… film is taken place years after that film.

Why is this film being a straight to video? This film was made by Universal Studios, it’s a major film company so it’s pretty weird that a major studio would make this a straight to video film. Maybe movie theaters thought that the film was too gruesome that they refused to screen it? Sometimes that happens.

I’m a huge Child’s Play fan. Love all the Chucky films but the first two Child’s Play films will always be the best. “Cult of Chucky” looks really good so I’ll be looking forward to buying the BluRay when it comes out. I’m a big horror movie fan. I’ve always loved to watch horror films. I’ve been watching them my whole life.


Charlie Hunnam speaks for the first time since “50 Shades” exit…

Charlie Hunnam, spoke publicly to the media for the first time; however, he won’t get into any details about his feud with Universal Studios about the “50 Shades” departure. Instead, Charlie talked about that he’s moving right on to his future projects. He says that he plans on doing another movie with Guillermo Del Toro and he plans on finishing “Sons of Anarchy” the final season. So don’t expect Charlie to change his mind about dropping out of “50 Shades”. Look like he doesn’t plan on having a change of heart with Universal anytime soon. That’s good. Charlie is a tremendous actor, he’s very talented, and he doesn’t need “50 Shades” to go somewhere in his career. This guy is bound to be a big name movie star someday. He’s got a good career ahead of him. Who needs 50 Shades? Charlie doesn’t need the mainstream publicity like the “Twilight” cast… that’s not for him.

As far as “Sons of Anarchy” goes… I know Season 6 is currently airing on FOX but I’m not watching it ’cause I’m not caught up with the show. Netflix haven’t updated Season 5 yet and wish they would be more faster updating the series. I love “Sons of Anarchy”. That’s one of my favorite shows on TV… it’s hard to catch up with it all.

Read more on what Charlie have to say, here.

He seems like a strong and tough guy. After all that negativity and drama with Universal Studios, he says “fuck them” and he’s moving right on. Much respect!


Report: Universal planning another “Scarface” movie but it won’t be a remake or sequel…

A lot of people are already calling this a new, “Scarface”, remake but if you carefully read the article, the film that Universal is planning is not intended to be a remake or a sequel.

Read the full article, here.

It’s going to take common elements from the first two films. Tony Montana is still going to be used but details are being kept under wraps for now. This will be a standalone movie.

I’m a huge fan of the “Scarface” films, I love both of them. I’m looking forward to seeing what they’re going to do with it. Will it be violent and will it have profanity throughout the entire movie? Will the new Tony Montana actor top Al Pacino’s performance?

It’s going to be interesting to see who they are planning to cast for Tony.


Report: Tony Gilroy begins casting for new Jason Bourne movie, several actors are up for the leading role…

The new Jason Bourne, spin off film is about to start production this fall, and the film’s director, Tony Gilroy, is on the hunt for the film’s new leading star. Gilroy met up with many different actors who are in the hopes of getting the opportunity. Keep in mind though, the next actor will not be replacing Matt Damon. The next film will have nothing to do with Jason Bourne, it’s going to be a completely new different story.

Matt Damon said no to starring in the next Bourne flick ’cause he wouldn’t do it without Paul Greengrass, directing. So they had to re-write the story. Actors possibly in the running for the role: Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, Taylor Kitsch, Michael Fassbender, and many more.

Deadline, reports.

My pick would be Taylor Kitsch. Taylor deserves this huge opportunity. He needs this recognition. I really hope Gyllenhaal and Maguire don’t get it.


Terminator 2: 3D @ Universal Studios will give you deep insight on how Skynet all started…

Since I’m a huge Terminator fan and a huge Arnold fan, the first thing I wanted to make sure I see when I went to Universal Studios, is the “Terminator 2: 3D” thing. Yes, I did exactly that, as soon as I arrived at Universal, you will see footage of that too. I do not film inside the theater where they showed it at ’cause it might be considered, illegal bootlegging, so I kept my camera inside the camera bag while I’m watching the film inside.

As I walk through the doorway of the Terminator 3D theater, it was almost like a real movie theater, except the inside of the place, all had metal walls and metal floors to give it a Terminator feeling. It made you feel like you were on the set of a Terminator movie. As I wait in line with hundreds of other people waiting to get in, the security finally allowed us in theater after a half hour of waiting for more people to show up. The lights go dark, I put my 3D glasses on as did everyone else.

A commercial comes on the movie screens. We had to stand up for the first part since there were no chairs in the first room. Up above was a small stage, where a young woman appeared in front of a microphone. An actress wearing on orange Cyberdyne uniform. She starts talking saying she’s the president or CEO of Cyberdyme, a Cyberdyme commercial appears on the  movie screens in fancy 3D images. Suddenly, the commercial gets interupted with Sarah and John Connor (played by Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong) trying to warn this woman talking on stage, of what she’s doing is dangerous and trying to warn her about Skynet. After all that gets over with, the woman takes the audience to another room, a huge theater with chairs this time. The Cyberdyne woman stands in front of the mic, talking and talking about Cyberdyme, then she introduces new Terminator machines, which Terminator models pop up on both sides of the stage. The movie starts on the screen, and an actress looking like Sarah Connor runs to the stage where the woman was talking behind the mic. Sarah Connor held a fake machine gun pointing it at the woman, and the Terminator machines will start shooting their machine guns.

The Terminator 3D movie, “Battle Across Time” starts”. You know how in the actual, “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” movie, they never showed the resistance leader sending Terminator Arnold back to 1996 to protect John Connor? Well this film shows all that. It also shows the beginning of Skynet which got it’s start from Cyberdyne.

You’ll see lots of crazy special effects on the screen and live in the theater, you’ll see smoke machines, the robotic Terminator machines on the stages shooting their machine guns, toward the end water will spray down from the ceiling so you will get a little wet while watching this. Toward the end of the film, Arnold was fighting some creature that was seen in the film. As you see Arnold destroy the creature, when it blows up, your seats in the theater will do a thunderous LOUD thump. Seriously, you’ll feel your seats do a quick bounce that will scare the living hell out of you.

Terminator 2: 3D was quite an experience. I’m glad I got the opportunity to see it. It was very cool. I really miss seeing Arnold on the big screen, even though this film was old, it was still badass to see Arnold on the big screen again. T:2 3D was badass. You’ll see more than just a movie on a theater screen, there are actors doing theatre in it too. It’s a blast to see. Check it out if you ever go to Universal Studios someday.


Report: Bryan Singer signs on to direct “Battlestar Galactica”…

Universal Studios has found their director for the new, “Battlestar Galactica” for the big screen. The director is no one other than, Bryan Singer. He’s the director of the first two “X-Men” films, “Superman: Returns”, “The Usual Suspects”, and “Valkyrie”.

Variety Reports:


How much do you want to bet, he’ll get Kevin Spacey to have a role in this? Possibly Brandon Routh and Hugh Jackman. He may even get Tom Cruise a role in this as well. Bryan is always working with actors he’s already worked with in the past.


Confirmed: Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood” coming out May 14, 2010!!!

Ridley Scott’s version of the “Robin Hood” story, which stars Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, will get a theater wide release date on May 14, 2010.

Variety Reports:


Lets hope Ridley does a great job with this flick. I think “Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves” with Kevin Costner is an amazing flick. I love it to death, so hopefully Ridley’s version will be just as good as that one.

Ridley Scott is a great film maker, he’s made many fantastic films.

My top 5 favorite Ridley Scott directed films are here:

1. American Gangster

2. Alien

3. Blade Runner

4. Legend (Tom Cruise/Tim Curry fairytale adventure)

5. Thelma and Louise


Report: Jason Bourne to become the next James Bond? Universal Studios scores rights to Matt Damon’s iconic character…

Universal Pictures has made an overall deal with author Robert Ludlum that gives them the right to make any Jason Bourne movie based on his books and gives them the right to make films on his other novels too. Ludlum Entertainment gave Universal the go ahead to continue the Jason Bourne saga.

The series was originally supposed to be a three part trilogy but since the “Bourne Ultimatum’s” huge success, they decided to get right to work on a fourth installment. The 4th Bourne will be an original story, it won’t be adapted from one of Ludlum’s novels. Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass are still on board for a 4th Bourne, the film is confirmed for a summer of 2010 release.

Although there are only 6 novels in the Jason Bourne series written by Ludlum, Universal feels they can keep the stories going.

Variety Reports:


What do you think? You think Jason Bourne can take the spotlight of James Bond in the future? Universal wants to keep Jason Bourne going forever. Matt Damon can’t play the character forever so obviously there will be different actors playing the character whenever Damon hangs it up.

While I did like “The Bourne Identity” and “The Bourne Supremacy”, those are good movies, I think “The Bourne Ultimatum” is the best of the three. It’s very rare to me when I think a third sequel of a trilogy is the best of the three. “The Bourne Ultimatum” is an amazing action flick, such a thrill ride with incredible action sequences throughout the entire film, non stop.

I hope the 4th Bourne will be even more action packed.


Confirmed: Ridley Scott to helm the “Monopoly” movie!!!

Ridley Scott is on board to direct and produce the “Monopoly” movie with Hasbro-Universal Studios, Pamela Pettler will write the screenplay. About a year ago, the Hasbro board game company made a deal with Universal Studios to make movies based on legendary board games such as “Monopoly”, “Candyland”, etc.. “Monopoly” is the first to get the greenlight.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Hmmmm, how much do you want to bet that Ridley Scott is going to get Russell Crowe to play the guy with the top hat and white mustache? Wouldn’t surprise me. Ridley Scott seems to love Russell Crowe as they did quite a few films together.


BREAKING NEWS: Huge fire breaks out at Universal Studios Hollywood…

A huge fire is going on at the Universal Studios – Hollywood right now as you are reading this. It already destroyed the “Back to the Future” set and the King Kong exhibit. It also destroyed every videos and reels locked in the vaults with the original work of various movies. But not too worries, they aren’t gone forever ’cause duplicates of those videos and reels are locked away at a different location for protection.

The Associated Press reports:


This is very sad news. Hope the fire goes out soon so the entire place won’t be gone. Even if the entire place is destroyed for good, I’m sure they’ll rebuild the company into a whole new level but still a new “Universal Studios” won’t live up to the old one. I hope they put out the fire and hope things get better over there.