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Cool Video: “The Bourne Legacy” trailer is finally here!!!!

While it is a damn shame that Matt Damon no longer wants to do this movie, I’m still pretty impressed with “The Bourne Legacy” trailer. Jeremy Renner isn’t a replacement. He’s not playing Jason Bourne. Jeremy’s playing a different character. This still looks like a good action flick, and I’m probably gonna go see it. Looks good. See it, here.


Report: Tony Gilroy begins casting for new Jason Bourne movie, several actors are up for the leading role…

The new Jason Bourne, spin off film is about to start production this fall, and the film’s director, Tony Gilroy, is on the hunt for the film’s new leading star. Gilroy met up with many different actors who are in the hopes of getting the opportunity. Keep in mind though, the next actor will not be replacing Matt Damon. The next film will have nothing to do with Jason Bourne, it’s going to be a completely new different story.

Matt Damon said no to starring in the next Bourne flick ’cause he wouldn’t do it without Paul Greengrass, directing. So they had to re-write the story. Actors possibly in the running for the role: Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, Taylor Kitsch, Michael Fassbender, and many more.

Deadline, reports.

My pick would be Taylor Kitsch. Taylor deserves this huge opportunity. He needs this recognition. I really hope Gyllenhaal and Maguire don’t get it.


Report: Tony Gilroy confirms the Jason Bourne character won’t be in, “The Bourne Legacy”…

Ever since the Deadline website reported that Tony Gilroy is on board to helm, the next Jason Bourne flick, Gilroy cleared up the fact that the Jason Bourne character won’t be in the next film at all. Gilroy also says, it’s not a prequel, reboot or a recast. He explains that this is an original script, a complete standalone film. He says the script has a new hero and someone totally different.

Gilroy even explains the plot a little bit. He says everything you saw in the first three films actually happened, they plan to show you the bigger side of things of how everything happened. Read what Gilroy have to say, here.

Now, the movie sounds very interesting to me! COOL! Looking forward to seeing who the new character is. Will the new hero be a man or a woman? It’ll probably be a man, but I’d like the hero to be a woman this time. Lets hope they don’t get Shia Labeouf, Channing Tatum, or Jeremy Renner in the lead. I won’t bother if any of those guys get the role.

Hope they pick a good actor for the new character. Sounds good!


BREAKING NEWS: Paul Greengrass will not do “Bourne 4″…

Paul Greengrass, the director, who made, “The Bourne Supremacy” and “The Bourne Ultimatum”, has decided to drop out of directing, “Bourne 4”. Paul says he will still be involved with the film, however, but not as director.

Read more here at Variety:


This is kind of sad news and good news at the same time. Why sad? Because Paul did a brilliant job directing the last two movies. I think the Bourne trilogy is amazing, I love them all three of them. The good news, I think they will find a better director to make “Bourne 4” a more action packed film. It’s going to be interesting to see who they are going to pick as the next director.

They could even get Doug Liman back who directed the first one, “The Bourne Identity”, never know.


Report: More Jason Bourne video games are on the way, possibly more Robert Ludlum novels will be made into games too…

EA Games has scored an exclusive worldwide license from Ludlum Entertainment, so they can have the rights to make games based on the Jason Bourne novels and other works by author Robert Ludlum.

The previous Bourne game “The Bourne Conspiracy” (pictured above) was made by Sierra not, EA.

More on it here:


Very cool. I’m happy for this news.

While “The Bourne Conspiracy” was a pretty fun and great game, I enjoyed it, but I’m sure EA will make the Jason Bourne games a lot better. I hope they make the next Jason Bourne game more challenging and more fun to play. I’m sure they’ll make the graphics a lot better in the next Bourne game. If they can somehow get Matt Damon for the voice overs for Bourne in the next game, that be sweet too.


Report: Jason Bourne to become the next James Bond? Universal Studios scores rights to Matt Damon’s iconic character…

Universal Pictures has made an overall deal with author Robert Ludlum that gives them the right to make any Jason Bourne movie based on his books and gives them the right to make films on his other novels too. Ludlum Entertainment gave Universal the go ahead to continue the Jason Bourne saga.

The series was originally supposed to be a three part trilogy but since the “Bourne Ultimatum’s” huge success, they decided to get right to work on a fourth installment. The 4th Bourne will be an original story, it won’t be adapted from one of Ludlum’s novels. Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass are still on board for a 4th Bourne, the film is confirmed for a summer of 2010 release.

Although there are only 6 novels in the Jason Bourne series written by Ludlum, Universal feels they can keep the stories going.

Variety Reports:


What do you think? You think Jason Bourne can take the spotlight of James Bond in the future? Universal wants to keep Jason Bourne going forever. Matt Damon can’t play the character forever so obviously there will be different actors playing the character whenever Damon hangs it up.

While I did like “The Bourne Identity” and “The Bourne Supremacy”, those are good movies, I think “The Bourne Ultimatum” is the best of the three. It’s very rare to me when I think a third sequel of a trilogy is the best of the three. “The Bourne Ultimatum” is an amazing action flick, such a thrill ride with incredible action sequences throughout the entire film, non stop.

I hope the 4th Bourne will be even more action packed.


Report: Jack Black to star in “Bourne” parody…

Jack Black will reunite with his “Kung Fu Panda” writers Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger for an untitled live action comedy with Universal pictures. The film is described as a Jason Bourne parody spoofing off the movies starring Matt Damon. The plot will be about Jack’s character finding himself washed up the shores of Cuba, then he couldn’t remeber who he is and how he got there. He comes to the conclusion that he is a superspy, though in reality he is far from one.

Jack Black’s next movie he will star in is “Year One” directed by Harold Ramis.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


This “Bourne” parody sounds like it’s going to be a LOL riot throughout the whole thing.