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Weird Al’s first video for “Mandatory Fun”… “Tacky” (parody of Pharrell’s “Happy)

This was a pretty cool video, I guess. It just have several stand up comedians just dancing and singing along, that’s it. To be honest, I don’t know who most of these comedians are. The only one I know of is Jack Black, of course but I don’t know who the rest of them are.

I have noticed one thing though that is pretty inappropriate for a Weird Al video. The black lady (Aisha Tyler???) in the video who grabbed her breasts and playing with them. Doesn’t seem like a Weird Al thing to me. Most of Weird Al’s material is supposed to be family friendly and I have never seen anything dirty or sexual in Weird Al’s videos over the years. Really weird. I hope Al Yankovic will be careful with this video ’cause some might be offended and controversy might start.

I like Weird Al’s take on the song… I expected the video to be better than that. I’m glad Jack Black and Weird Al finally teamed up together, though… that was long overdue.




Jack Black reunites with School of Rock kids in celebration of 10 year anniversary…



Jack Black reunited with some of the cast members of the 2003 comedy film, “School of Rock”, as you can see in the photo here. It is in celebration of the film’s 10th Anniversary. In this photo are just 5 of the kids from the School of Rock band, not the whole gang. I believe this photo was sent by Miranda Cosgrove who plays Summer in the film (she’s pictured bottom row, center). The kids look pretty much the same, they’re just a bit older now.

There have been talks on a sequel for years but Jack said last year, he tried really hard to get Richard Linklater (the director) and Mike White (screenwriter) back together for the sequel but he failed. Jack is dying to make the sequel happen himself but he wouldn’t do it without the film’s original creators. Mike White is the film’s screenwriter and actor who also has a role in the film as Ned Schneebly.

I think a sequel would be great ’cause “School of Rock” is actually a wonderful film. It’s one of my favorite comedies. It’s also a pretty realistic movie too. You can actually learn about rock n’ roll from it.

“School of Rock” is one of those films, I can watch over and over… never get tired of it.


Report: Activision files lawsuit against video game company to stop the release of a game voiced by Jack Black…

Activision has sued, Double Fine Productions, a video game developer in Santa Montica, California, claiming they transferred the rights that were owned by Activision.

An action adventure video game titled, “Brutal Legend” which the main character is voiced by hollywood actor and comedian, Jack Black, was planning to get released this year. Black plays a character in the game as a heavy metal roadie in a mythical world to fight against evil.

The Associated Press reports:



Report: Jack Black set to play the giant in Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels”…

Funny man Jack Black has landed himself a huge role. Yes HUGE! Jack has signed on to star as the giant in the famous novel by Jonathan Swift “Gulliver’s Travels”. Rob Letterman will be directing and will be released through Twentieth Century Fox.

“Gulliver’s Travels” is a historic famous novel which is a story about Lemuel Gulliver who is a traveller and a writer who goes on a trip to the Bermuda Triangle. While travelling on a ship, he suddenly finds himself on the shore of an island of Lilliput and discovers that the island is full of tiny people and he’s the giant. The classic novel was written and published way back in 1726.

There is also a TV mini series version of “Gulliver’s Travels” that starred Ted Danson as Gulliver.

Variety Reports:


Expect this to be a box office hit. Hope they don’t screw this film up.


Report: “Kung Fu Panda” greenlights sequel in 3-D with Jack Black and Angelina Jolie returning!!!

Dreamworks Animation has greenlighted a sequel to the animated film “Kung Fu Panda” but the sequel will be made in 3-D. Jack Black and Angelina Jolie has signed on to reprise their roles from the first film. The sequel will be directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson. No word if legendary actor Dustin Hoffman will return. The sequel already has a release date confirmed for June 3rd, 2011.

Variety Reports:


I haven’t even seen the first “Kung Fu Panda” yet, but I will see it when it arrives on DVD.

It looks funny and entertaining.


Report: Jack Black to star in “Bourne” parody…

Jack Black will reunite with his “Kung Fu Panda” writers Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger for an untitled live action comedy with Universal pictures. The film is described as a Jason Bourne parody spoofing off the movies starring Matt Damon. The plot will be about Jack’s character finding himself washed up the shores of Cuba, then he couldn’t remeber who he is and how he got there. He comes to the conclusion that he is a superspy, though in reality he is far from one.

Jack Black’s next movie he will star in is “Year One” directed by Harold Ramis.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


This “Bourne” parody sounds like it’s going to be a LOL riot throughout the whole thing.


Film Review: Tropic Thunder

Starring: Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey

Directed by: Ben Stiller


So I went to the mall today and finally got around to seeing the movie “Tropic Thunder” directed by Ben Stiller who also stars the leading role himself. The movie is basically about three men Tugg Speedman (Stiller), Kirk Lazarus (Downey Jr.) and Jeff Portnoy (Black) are making a high budget war movie, things in the film they were making were going so good until freak accidents happen during the making of the film. The three film makers are attacked and Speedman have been kidnapped by their enemies called The Flaming Dragon gang which is a gang that makes heroine drugs.

Jack Black’s character Jeff Portnoy is a heroine addict and all he thinks about is doing heroine, he was half scared and half excited going to the Dragons village where they make heroine ’cause he couldn’t wait to get his hands on some. Their film making ways get turned into real life and the actors are forced to portray their characters in real life instead of film in order to get out of the jungle to survive from the evil Dragon gang.

My thoughts on the film? It is one of the most funniest comedies in a long time, it was outrageous. I think it’s Ben Stiller’s best flick by far. He did a great job with this one. Most of Ben Stiller’s directed movies haven’t been all that great but “Tropic Thunder” is actually a really good one. Very good imagination and very good storytelling, pretty original I must say.

I know I said I hate Tom Cruise, but his character was actually really good in this. Tom Cruise plays a character name Lee Grossman which he is bald and fat, wears glasses, and has a beard and mustache in this one. Tom Cruise uses a lot of profanity and nasty talk in this character. Most people calls Tom Cruise’s role in this film a cameo, but it’s actually more than a cameo. Cruise is pretty much throughout the entire film, he’s pretty much a co-star, not a cameo.

Of course, Stiller is always having surprise cameos in his flicks, this one had Tobey Maguire, Jon Voight, Lance Bass, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tyra Banks and more.

This film is extremely entertaining. Great job Ben!!!

Score for “Tropic Thunder” = **** (4 stars as in excellent)


BREAKING NEWS: School of Rock sequel is greenlighted! Richard Linklater is set to direct and Jack Black will play Dewey Finn again!!!!!!!

Oh my! This news came to me as a huge surprise! While there were worries that a “School of Rock 2” sequel will never get made, Paramount just gave the film the greenlight to get made. Director Richard Linklater is confirmed to direct the sequel and Jack Black is confirmed to reprise his role as Dewey Finn.

Several weeks ago it was reported that screenwriter/actor Mike White sent in a final script for Paramount, the studio must of loved it. The title to the next sequel is “School of Rock 2: America Rocks”. The synopsis for “School of Rock 2: America Rocks” revolves around Dewey Finn and his musical students who own their own music school as left off from the first one, they go on a cross country field trip to learn more about the history of rock n’ roll and explore other genres such as blues, rap, and country.

Variety Reports:



Please make Sarah Silverman and Joan Cusack return again!

Since “School of Rock 2” is touring in the next one, I expect a lot of famous rock stars appearing in cameos.

Looking forward to the sequel, indeed. Can’t wait! Lets celebrate with the video below! wOOt!


Report: Mike White confirmed he is the writer of “School of Rock” the sequel…

Not too long ago, Jack Black spoke to MTV News that he would love to do a “School of Rock 2” only if Richard Linklater directed it. He even teased that Mike White “might” be the screenwriter again. Turns out that Mike White is writing a script for the sequel.

Last Sunday, Mike White the man himself was attending a LAFF panel, and he revealed the news that he “IS” writing the script for the sequel of “School of Rock” but he is refusing to give out the plot. Mike also confirmed that there is a sequel to the film coming. While he is writing the script, he just finished a first draft and already turned it in to see if the film makers like it enough to get it made.

Click here to see what he has to say about the “School of Rock” sequel:


At the end of the first School of Rock movie it ends while the credits are rolling, Dewey Finn and Ned Schneebly (played by Mike White) open up their very own music school. My guess will be Dewey Finn’s adventurs with his new music school that he owns continues on from the last one where it left off.

In the sequel of “School of Rock”, I hope it won’t be another battle of the bands storyline. It’s time for something new. As long as Richard Linklater is still directing it, the original kids of the School of Rock band, Sarah Silverman and Joan Cusack are still in the sequel, I’ll go see it. I’m sure Mike still has his own character Ned Schneebly in the sequel too.

The question is, will Richard Linklater still be on for the sequel? I’m sure he’ll speak out on this soon now the sequel of the film is getting media attention.



Report: Will Jack Black do “School of Rock 2”?

MTV reported that Jack Black said he’d love to do a “School of Rock” the sequel but he will only do it with the original director Richard Linklater. Meaning if Richard Linklater agrees to do the sequel, Jack is definitely down. There are no plans of making a sequel to “School of Rock 2” but Jack has hinted there is a draft script in the works, no word if original screenwriter Mike White (who also had a role in the film) will return as the writer.

Jack Black is the current star of the animated film “Kung Fu Panda” out in theaters now.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


Bring on the sequel to “School of Rock”!!! I think it deserves one! As long as they have the same cast and crew for the sequel, I’d definitely see it.